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Cycle tour in the English countryside

Explore the beautiful Oxfordshire and Cotswold countryside together with your colleagues!

On quiet roads up to magnificent views, through the idyll of countryside and rural England we know from countless TV-series. A beer at the local pub you would love to frequent at home, nature and architecture in wonderful harmony, and hotels you will enjoy coming to. We give you the opportunity to discover the real countryside.

We will go for a short bike ride on Friday, while on Saturday we will spend large parts of the day on the bike. We will have many stops and get ample time to explore the places we visit.

What is an Advantage Team Event?

Omega 365’s Advantage Team Events give you access to travel experiences tailored to suit your preferences. You can travel alone or bring a guest and you will have the chance to meet colleagues from various Omega 365 locations and subsidiaries. We ensure that there is a varied and attractive program of food, activities, and experiences on offer, and as one of our participants you can choose how many activities you wish to partake in and adjust the program to suit your preferences.

Advantage Team Events are available to everyone in Omega 365! Simply ensure you have a positive balance in your Advantage Account and you will be able to sign up for a Team Event!

Do you have questions about Advantage Team Events? Check out our Team Events FAQ.

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