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Teambuilding in Alta

Sorrisniva is an outstanding destination that offers a full Arctic experience with unique accommodation, culinary dining experiences and unique nature experiences!

First-class accommodation in the Arctic Wilderness Lodge and in the ice hotel Igloo Hotel. Everyone will get to experience both as we switch places after the first night.

The Maku Restaurant and the Lavvu Restaurant offers tasty experiences based on local food such as salmon, cod, reindeer, elk, wild berries, and locally smoked fish or cured meats.

Experiences such as husky rides, snowshoe hikes, northern lights, midnight sun, snowmobile safaris and riverboat excursions await us! You choose which activities you want to participate in and this will be sent to you after you have signed up.

What is an Advantage Team Event?

Omega 365’s Advantage Team Events give you access to travel experiences tailored to suit your preferences. You can travel alone or bring a guest and you will have the chance to meet colleagues from various Omega 365 locations and subsidiaries. We ensure that there is a varied and attractive program of food, activities, and experiences on offer, and as one of our participants you can choose how many activities you wish to partake in and adjust the program to suit your preferences.

Advantage Team Events are available to everyone in Omega 365! Simply ensure you have a positive balance in your Advantage Account and you will be able to sign up for a Team Event!

Do you have questions about Advantage Team Events? Check out our Team Events FAQ.

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