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Teambuilding in Brimiland

Join Omega 365 to iconic Brimiland in Gudbransdalen!

You will not find Brimiland on ordinary maps, in an atlas or on a globe. However, the land exists and is located between Våga and Lom in Gudbrandsdalen, in one of Norway’s most beautiful mountain areas – Jotunheimen. Steinbua (a stone bridge) is a two-hour trip from Brimi Fjellstugu. The walk is relatively easy, and just long enough to get hungry. On Saturday evening, chef Arne Brimi and his restaurant Vianvang invites us to a great dining experience.



On Friday evening, a 4-course menu with flavors inspired from the mountains will be served at Brimi Fjellstugu.


Breakfast Saturday is with homemade pastries, freshly cooked jam, and other traditional breakfast food. After the breakfast we meet outside the Fjellstugu. Here, celebrity and host Vegard Brimi stands ready to take us on a walk. Along the way, we are promised funny stories and stories from local history and culture. Our place of destination for the walk is Steinbua, which is 400 meters higher above sea level than Fjellstugu. Once there, we get a fantastic view towards Tesse and Rondane and a 3-course lunch served by the fire.

Saturday evening we will be served a great dinner with Arne Brimi at his restaurant Vianvang. The taste and dining experience is paramount and no one leaves Vianvang hungry! The evening starts with a wine course with Arne Brimi`s son Even Brimi. 

There will be transport to and from Vianvang.


A long and great breakfast is served Sunday before it is time to travel home.

What is an Advantage Team Event?

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