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Omega 365 Areal teambuilding to Copenhagen

Omega 365 Areal traveled on an inspiring teambuilding to Copenhagen in september.

Thirty-five employees, from various office locations across Norway, took part in the trip, where they had the chance to experience architecture, design, engineering, and creative solutions across this vibrant Danish city. Omega 365 Areal hosts profession-based teambuilding events regularly, so that employees can refresh their skills and be inspired to find new solutions in their daily work

Check out a video from the Copenhagen teambuilding here:

Omega 365 Areal has previously visited Iceland, Venice, and Barcelona. The teambuilding events strengthen team spirit and cooperation in the company, which has many offices in different locations; the goal being that there should be a short distance between employees even if they do not necessarily share an office.

About Omega 365 Areal

Omega Areal is a subsidiary of Omega 365 and is a consulting company with a strong multidisciplinary environment that delivers a wide range of engineering and architectural services to public and private sectors throughout Haugalandet, Sunnhordland, and Bergen in Norway.