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Omega 365 Design to open an office in Haugesund

"With this branch office, we get closer to existing and potential new clients, and make it easier to follow up the clients here in Haugesund," says general manager of Omega 365 Design, Astrid Eidhammer Hjelmeland.

Erich Monteiro, Linn-Henny Andersen, and Irene Landa in Omega 365 Design can now be found in the Omega 365 location at Norheim. (Photo: Astrid Eidhammer Hjelmeland)

As part of strategic planning ahead, Omega 365 Design is now opening a branch office at the same location as Omega 365 Solutions and Omega Areal in Norheim.

"The goal is to increase the customer base, increase sales by offering quality and close follow-up to small, medium, and large companies. We have built good in-house expertise and resources for content production, design, PR and communication, film, animation, photography, social media, website development, and app development. We may also employ more people at the Haugesund office if turns out to be a success," says Eidhammer Hjelmeland.

Irene Landa, Linn-Henny Andersen, and Erich Monteiro are the three employees from Omega 365 Design who is now based in the Haugesund office. They all have experience as designers and place high value on customer follow-up and good solutions for the individual customer.

"I look forward to being an advisor and helping customers make good strategic choices, so they can get the most out of their marketing budget," Linn-Henny Andersen says. She has worked in the industry for over 10 years, and in recent years worked a lot with digital marketing.

Erich Monteiro has many years of experience in working strategically with the brand in Omega 365 and many other customers, both locally and nationally.

"We look forward to building even stronger customer relationships at Haugalandet. With our 'everything is possible philosophy' and our solid expertise, we aim to make our new clients more attractive in a competitive market," Monteiro states.

Irene Landa may be known to many from her time in Landa Design.

"I have a large network in the Haugesund area, which I am now looking forward to getting an even closer connection with. My field of expertise is visual identity design as well as UX design. Together, we want to deliver great user experiences and visual solutions on all platforms," says the experienced designer.

Omega 365 Design is part of the Omega 365 group, and today has its head office in Ølensvåg, with branch offices in Sand and Haugesund. The company has a total of 17 employees.