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Omega 365 Solutions signs major contract with Bane NOR

Omega 365 Solutions has been awarded a contract with Bane NOR for the provision and implementation of a complete ITC project management system for the company. The solution Omega 365 Solutions will provide is called Omega 365 – the company’s new cloud-based platform for project management.

General Manager in Omega 365 Solutions, Svein Tore Haraldseid (left), and Håkon Isdal Selmer, Project Management Manager in Bane NOR, are pleased with the contract the companies now have signed. (Photo: Bane NOR)

Delivery starts in October and the contract has a value of NOK 53 million. The fully-integrated project support system will cover all disciplines of project completion, and several thousand users are expected to use the system. 

“We want to collaborate with the largest companies to develop a best practice for the industry,” says General Manager in Omega 365 Solutions, Svein Tore Haraldseid. He believes the contract with Bane NOR will help to strengthen Omega 365’s position as a leader in project completion within infrastructure and construction. 

Omega 365 Solutions has been awarded a contract with Bane NOR for the implementation of Omega 365's new cloud-based platform for project management.

Omega 365 is a cloud-based platform for project management, targeting both the international and the Norwegian markets. Innovation Norway has supported the development of Omega 365 with innovation funding. 

“Bane NOR is an important client for Omega 365; we see this as a confirmation of how our will to improve and our ability to create innovative development in the industry, creates trust,” says Roger Arnesen in Omega 365 Solutions.

“We are excited to start this job and intend to be a solid partner for Bane NOR, which is an important supplier for the digitalization for the Norwegian construction industry,” Arnesen states. 

About Omega 365 Solutions

In recent years, Omega 365 Solutions has invested heavily in the public sector and gained a solid foothold in the construction and infrastructure industry. The company is now planning for a larger investment internationally, as well as in Norway, for the new cloud-based platform Omega 365. Within the software business area, the Omega 365 group employs approx. 350 people globally. The Norwegian company has approx. 240 employees working at clients’ locations or at Omega 365’s offices located in Stavanger, Bergen, Haugesund, Ølensvåg, Kristiansund, Oslo, and Stjørdal. Omega 365 Solutions has a long history of providing the project management tool, Pims, to clients in the oil and gas sector. Omega 365 Solutions is one of Omega 365’s subsidiary companies.