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Omega 365 Solutions with record recruitment

Omega 365 Solutions has set a goal of recruiting 200 new employees over the next three years. Following significant interest in the vacancies, 50 new employees have been hired so far in 2021. The company is still looking for new system developers, especially graduates who are hungry for future challenges.

Svein Tore Haraldseid, General Manager in Omega 365 Solutions, and Jan Christian Brataas, Head of Cloud, Technology and Products in Omega 365 Solutions, are looking for 200 new employees. (Photo: Omega 365) 

Omega 365 recently reached the milestone of 1600 employees. Moving forward, both system developers and project managers are required to support the company’s growth. Applicants preferably have expertise and experience from various industries. Traditionally, Omega 365 software has been widely used in the oil and gas sector, but the technology company has expanded its client base into the healthcare and construction industries and is also heavily invested in green and alternative energy industries.

“We offer great opportunities for people who have a passion and interest in one of these industries. If you are interested in, for example, offshore wind, carbon capture, or hydrogen, you can gain experience through our projects, together with our clients who are leaders in these industries," says Jan Christian Brataas, Head of Cloud, Technology and Products in Omega 365 Solutions.

Both Svein Tore Haraldseid and Jan Christian Brataas suggest that the company’s head office in Ølensvåg, Norway, offers great challenges and exciting opportunities for those who are also interested in work locations outside of Norway. Overseas opportunities are available at Omega 365 offices in Canada, Houston, Pau, Perth, and Singapore.

“We see that our office in Ølensvåg is a steppingstone to other locations in Norway, but also to the rest of the world. We need our system developers to take initiative and be willing to travel to various project and company locations as required," says Brataas.

He points out that there is also a need for more employees at Omega 365’s locations around Norway, in addition to Ølensvåg. The application pool shows that those who have applied so far come from all over the country and that many applicants have identified Omega 365 in Ølensvåg as an attractive and exciting workplace.

“We need forward-looking, hungry, and committed developers with a passion for modern development technologies in web, mobile, database, and cloud. At Omega 365, we offer flexibility, openness, challenges, and opportunities for our people to develop their passions.”

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About Omega 365 Solutions 

In recent years, Omega 365 Solutions has invested heavily in the public sector and gained a solid foothold in the construction and infrastructure industry. The company now has plans for a larger investment internationally, as well as in Norway, via the new Omega 365 cloud platform. Omega 365 employs approximately 350 employees globally within the software field. The Norwegian company has approximately 240 employees working on assignments at clients’ locations or at Omega 365 Solutions’ offices in Stavanger, Bergen, Haugesund, Ølensvåg, Oslo, Kristiansund, and Stjørdal. Omega 365 Solutions already has a long history of offering the Pims project management system to clients in the oil and gas industry.