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TotalEnergies visits Omega 365 HQ

Representatives from TotalEnergies visited Omega 365 in Ølensvåg this week. “Taking the time to meet one of our main suppliers is important,” says New Prodom Leader in TotalEnergies, Aurelie Hennique.

From left to right: General Manager for Omega 365 France, Jean-Francois Caron; Product Manager in Omega 365 Solutions, Jan Christian Brataas ; New Prodom Leader in TotalEnergies, Aurelie Hennique; General Manager in Omega 365 Solutions, Svein Tore Haraldseid; and New Prodom Area Correspondent in TotalEnergies, Cyril Jacob.

Omega 365’s Pims R4 solution is utilized on all major projects in TotalEnergies, and by their affiliates; the system is referred to as New Prodom in TotalEnergies. New Prodom Leader, Aurelie Henneque, and New Prodom Area Correspondent, Cyril Jacob, took time out, during their trip to a conference in Stavanger, to visit Omega 365 in Ølensvåg.

“After Covid it is good to meet face to face when we can, and it is also great to get a sense of what Omega 365 is outside of our formal meetings. Visiting HQ gives us an impression of how the company works; you see people actively at work, meet new faces, and get an impression of how a regular workday is here at Omega 365,” says Aurelie Hennique.

“This is first time we have had the opportunity to have TotalEnergies visit us here at HQ. They have had quite a journey, and we are happy to have them here,” says General Manager for Omega 365 France, Jean-Francois Caron, who was also visiting HQ in Ølensvåg this week.

Omega 365’s close cooperation with TotalEnergies was the starting point for the opening of the office in Pau, France. In 2018, Omega 365 secured a major contract with TotalEnergies for the delivery of Omega 365’s document management solution to all projects and facilities in the exploration and production division of Total. In order to provide the best possible support to our client, and to win market share in France in the long term, Omega 365 established the office in Pau.

Omega 365 France also provides consulting services to TotalEnergies and another large energy company in France.