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Inside Omega

Norwegian Refugee Council's assistance update

23. mai 2022

Earlier this year, Omega 365 donated this year's Christmas gift to the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) to strengthen their work in Ukraine. Their goal is to help 800 000 people, and their work is well underway.


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Spotlight: Lars Dalen

6. mai 2022

Lars Dalen has been a cornerstone of Omega since the company’s inception. He is now retiring.

Video update from Norwegian Refugee Council

26. april 2022

Omega 365 has supported the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) for Ukraine with this year’s Christmas donation. Secretary General of NRC, Jan Egeland, provides us with an update about the situation in Ukraine and NRC’s work in this video.

Omega 365 supports Norwegian Refugee Council for Ukraine

20. april 2022

The extent of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine demands immediate action and waiting until Christmas to hand out our Christmas donation was not an option this year. Our Christmas gift for 2022, on behalf of our employees worldwide, is now donated to Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC).

Omega 365 Product Release Notes launch

8. april 2022

Omega 365 Solutions is now set to keep system users and other interested parties up to date with the latest improvements in the Omega 365 system via a new video series – Product Release Notes. The first video was launched today.

Spotlight: Rolf Bjørkdahl

1. april 2022

April 1 marks 25 years since Rolf Bjørkdahl (66) from Uddevalla started as a consultant in Omega 365. This autumn he is planning to retire, and together with his wife, they are eager to go for a test drive around Sweden in their newly ordered camper van.

Adventurous weekends await

14. mars 2022

From skylifts, hiking, and kayaking to beaches, city exploring, and concert with the legendary ABBA. Take a deeper dive into some of the upcoming Advantage events in 2022.

Anniversary for Omega 365 France

10. mars 2022

Omega 365 France's Pau office was officially registered on March 7 2019; this week, after almost two years without client visits due to the pandemic, they could celebrate their third anniversary!

Team Event Review: Svalbard Teambuilding

3. mars 2022

In February, several Omega 365 employees went to Svalbard, Norway, for a teambuilding trip. Scooter rides and the northern lights were among the highlights of this amazing visit to Spitsbergen.

Cougar 100 award for Omega 365 USA

28. februar 2022

Omega 365 USA was named as one of the winners of the eighth Cougar 100 in Houston last week. “It is truly inspiring to be recognized by such an important institution in the community,” says Øyvind Vik, President of Omega 365 USA.

Omega 365 In Partnership With Microsoft

25. februar 2022

Omega 365 Solutions' partnership with Microsoft ensures the best possible delivery of the Omega 365 system through Microsoft Azure. “Microsoft Azure is a leading cloud platform, which helps us develop secure, future-ready solutions,” says Department Manager of Omega 365s Cloud Team, Andriejus Koleinikovas.

Pims solution for FREYR Battery

21. februar 2022

Omega 365 Solutions will provide Pims solutions to FREYR Battery, a developer of clean, next-generation battery cell production.

Hiring Manager for Omega 365 Academy

4. februar 2022

Omega 365 Academy will soon be offering user training and certification for Omega 365’s software, and we are now looking for a service-minded person with great communication skills to run the new initiative!

New streaming room for Omega 365 videos

26. januar 2022

Omega 365 Solutions has created a new streaming room at Omega 365’s head office in Ølensvåg. The room will be an important space that will assist the company in continuing its Omega 365 Fridays series on YouTube, as well as supporting the development of new instructional videos about our products, says Head of Cloud, Technology, and Products, Jan Christian Brataas.

New Westcon contract for Omega 365 Solution

21. januar 2022

Omega 365 has signed a new contract with Westcon for the delivery of the Omega 365 platform. Omega 365 Solutions’ Manager at our Haugesund office, Vidar Nordnes, is looking forward to the collaboration.