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Advantage Events 2019

Advantage Events 2019

Our biggest teambuildings for 2019 are locked in and we have yet another varied Advantage program to look forward to! Check out what's in store for you next year. Please keep in mind that teambuilding dates can be changed ahead of signup.

Praha Teambuilding

  • 20. -22. September 2019
  • Open for Omega employees with guest
  • 105 000 Advantage points
  • Hotel 987
  • Sign up via Connect

Come with us to historical Prague!

Pague is undoubtedly one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. The city goes by many names such as “The City of a Thousand Spiers”, “The Golden City”, or “The Heart of Europe”.

With its cobbled streets and the old city’s small cozy alleys we will be met by a unique atmosphere in Prague. The cultural city Prague lies in the heart of Europe, and offers many exciting attractions with its grand architecture and history. The city is divided by the river Meldau, and a well-known and often-photographed motive is the bridge Karlsbroen; it is an experience to walk over the bridge which is filled with street artists, musicians, and vendors.

Svalbard Teambuilding

  • 15. - 17. February 2019
  • Open for Omega employees
  • 150 000 Advantage points
  • Coal miner's cabin
  • Sign up via Connect opens 05. September 2018, 10pm CET

Longyearbyen, the administrative headquarters in Svalbard, is a small arctic "metropolis" with 2100 inhabitants from over 40 nations. Over 100 years of mining has given the city a slightly rough industrial exterior. One of the world's largest areas of unspoiled nature awaits you at 78 degrees north.

February is the "blue season" with a beautiful light in the middle of the day. The days are short, but the blue light is amazing and appears in all sorts of shades of blue. Adventures such as snowmobile ride, dog sledding and ice cave with a buggy awaits us.

We will stay at what is now called Coal Miner`s Cabin which was completed in 1948. After a comprehensive refurbishment it was reopened and renamed Coal Miner`s Cabin in 2015. There is a lot of history in the walls from the mining-age. This is the place for the people who want the real experience of the mining-life on Svalbard

Bergamo Teambuilding

Bergamo is a beautiful Italian city and is a car-free old town built on seven heights. «This is a place where you could stay a while if you had the time and money. You could live like in a Fellini film; walk around with cuff links, eat long lunches, learn the clarinet or write your masterpiece »

The city has two centers, Alta and Bassa, which both originate from 49 BC. They are linked with a cable car and hiking trails. In Alta you will find the historical attractions, as well as cobblestone streets with small shops and cafes. Bassa is modern with more buildings and boasts the shopping district Via 20 Settembre.

Bruges teambuilding

  • 10. - 12. May 2019
  • Open for Omega employees with guest
  • 110 000 Advantage points
  • Crowne Plaza
  • Sign up via Connect opens 19. September 2018, 10pm CET

«Bruges is a beautiful medieval city almost untouched by time. If you like chocolate and beer, you will be in heaven»

Bruges is the capital of the Belgian province of West Flanders, northwest in the country. The city is often called "Venice of the North". and the historic center core is characterized by cobblestone streets and many small canals. We land by plane in Brussels and continue on to Bruges by bus. We stop in Ghent for a good lunch before moving on.

Helsinki Teambuilding

  • 24. - 26. May 2019
  • Open for Omega employees with guest
  • 105 000 Advantage points
  • Hotel Lilla Roberts
  • Sign up via Connect opens 26. September 2018, 10pm CET

Helsinki is a fairly young city on a European scale, although the city has been the capital of Finland for more than 2,000 years. The city was founded by Swedish King Gustav Vasa in 1550 as a trading post to compete with Tallinn on the other side of the Gulf of Finland. Today Helsinki's sovereign largest city with its approx. 620 000 inhabitants. Helsinki has become a city with bars and nightlife, shopping, cool design and is a town for foodies, where you can eat gourmet food at very good prices!

Family Weekend in Kristiansand Zoo

  • 14. - 16. June 2019
  • Open for Omega employees with family
  • 22 500 Advantage points
  • Abra havn (Norwegian website)
  • Travel expenses are not included in this offer; participants need to make their own travel arrangements
  • Sign up via Connect opens 17. October 2018, 10pm CET

Ship o'hoi, all landlubbers!

Abra Havn is Captain Sabeltann's own lodging village in true pirate style and is located on the other side of the Grass Sea. Abra Havn is much more than just accommodation - it's an experience! Here you will live in the middle of a universe of pirates, activities and excitement. A stay in Abra Havn is something you will never forget! The family weekend includes accommodation and a 2-day combo to the zoo and the water park.

Sognefjorden in a nutshell

We travel by train from Bergen / Oslo to Myrdal and onward with Flåmsbanen to Flåm. Here we have lunch at Flåmstova on Furukroa before the journey continues by boat to Balestrand. We will stay at Kviknes Hotel. Here the hospitality has stood in high regard for four generations. The hotel is built in Swiss style, and has retained its distinctive character after several rounds of refurbishment. Kviknes is a modern hotel with soul and atmosphere, and is one of the most traditional hotels in Norway.

The weekend can be spent on activities such as a mountain trip to Raudmelen, a tour of the Ciderhuset, Fjord safari with a RIB boat or kayaking.

Lofoten Teambuilding

The magic island of Lofoten is known for its majestic and colorful landscape. Turquoise water, white beaches, purple mountains and green meadows. There are hardly any other places in the world where the midnight sun gives a greater effect than Lofoten. The landscape in Lofoten is exceptional with its high mountain peaks and picturesque little towns. During the weekend we will participate in Sea Eagle safari, boat trip, mountain hike, maybe a bike ride or go kayaking.

Brimiland Teambuilding

  • 23. - 25. August 2019
  • Open for Omega employees with guest
  • 65 000 Advantage points
  • Brimi Fjellstugu (Norwegian website)
  • Travel expenses are not included in this offer; participants need to make their own travel arrangements
  • Sign up via Connect opens 31. October 2018, 10pm CET

Brimiland is not a country that you will find on a map, in an atlas, or on a globe, but the land does exist between Vågå and Lom in beautiful Gudbrandsdalen, and in one of Norway's most picturesque mountain areas - Jotunheimen. On the Saturday of our teambuilding we will travel to Steinbrua, or we can choose to go to Brimiskogen outdoor climbing park. On Saturday evening, the famous Norwegian chef, Arne Brimi, will welcome us to his restaurant, Vianvang (Norwegian website), where we will join him on a gastronomical adventure. 

 We will stay at Brimi Fjellstugu (Norwegian website).

Bike ride on the countryside in Oxfordshire and Cotswold

  • 30. August - 1. September 2019
  • Open for Omega employees with guest
  • 120 000 Advantage points
  • Old Swan & Minister Mill
  • Sign up via Connect opens 14. November 2018, 10pm CET

Explore the beautiful countryside of Oxfordshire and Cotswold. On quiet roads up to breathtaking views, through a myriad of villages and is the rural England we know from countless TV shows. Enjoy a beer at the inn you would love to have in your home town, nature and architecture in wonderful harmony and a wonderful hotel. This teambuilding gives you the opportunity to discover the real English countryside!

On Friday, we will go for a short bike tour in Oxford, and maybe there will be time for a boat ride before we drive back to the hotel.

Saturday we spend the whole day on the bike seat (about 6 miles) and go to Cotswold's beautiful and hilly landscape.

Cinque Terre and La Spezia

  • 13. - 15. September 2019
  • Open for Omega employees with guest
  • 110 000 Advantage points
  • Sign up via Connect opens 21. November 2018, 10pm CET

Cinque Terre and the five beautiful towns consist of (from north to south) Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. Much of the original architecture in these cities is preserved. The five villages that make up the Cinque Terre originate from the late Middle Ages, in the 1100s. We will stay in La Spezia and from there we will take a boat to Cinque Terre. Those who wish may go off in Monterosso and go back to Vernazza. After lunch it is possible to continue to Corniglia and take the train back to La Spezia.

Christmas Teambuilding to Copenhagen

  • 29. November - 1. December 2019
  • Open for Omega employees with guest
  • 95 000 Advantage points
  • First Hotel Mayfair
  • Sign up via Connect opens 28. November 2018, 10pm CET

Copenhagen will be decorated for Christmas when we arrive at the end of November. We will stay close to Tivoli, which will ring in the yuletide season with holiday exhibitions and markets. On Saturday evening we will enjoy a show and dinner at Wallmans.

We will stay at First Hotel Mayfair - Tivoli, Nyhavn and Strøget are all within walking distance of the hotel.