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Dubrovnik Teambuilding

Dubrovnik, often referred to as the Pearl of the Adriatic, is one of Croatia's most popular destinations.

Founded in the year 639, the old city of Dubrovnik is now listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List with a focus on preserving and restoring the gothic, renaissance, and baroque churches.

In Dubrovnik you will find many historical sights, beautiful architecture, and fantastic beaches with azure water. The main street, Stradun, with its dazzling white limestone is a magnificent contrast to the terracotta-colored rooves.

In this beautiful city you can enjoy a large selection of cafes, restaurants and small shops. We will have lots of time to explore the area and on Saturday we will go on a boat trip to an island just outside of Dubrovnik. On Friday and Saturday great dining experiences await us at local restaurants. The beach is also never far away.