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Fishing trip to Suldal

On the weekend of 29–31 July 2022, you can participate on a salmon fishing trip to Suldal. Suldalslågen is western Norway's largest river, stretching over 22 km from Suldalsvatnet lake to Sandsfjorden.

The guests will be housed at Mo Laksegard, where breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included in the stay. Mo Laksegard is located in a quiet area overlooking Suldalslågen, just above Sand in Suldal municipality.

We have been assigned zones on the Mo/Litlehaga/Berge and Førland III stretches. The participants are divided into groups and rotate at the locations so that everyone can fish all parts of the stretches. In the 2021 season, the largest salmon was caught on Førland III by Philippe Cury. It was a whopping 17.8 kilograms!

Read the rules for fishing in Suldalslågen here. (Norwegian only)

For questions about the trip, please contact Nils Arne Ramsvik,

Welcome to great nature experiences in beautiful Suldal!

Pictures from the trip to Suldalslågen in 2021