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Nordsjørittet mountainbike race 2016

Nordsjørittet mountainbike race 2016

Photo: Nordsjø Børre Norland

Nordsjørittet mountainbike race 2016

11 June 2016

Available to
Omega employees with partner

Advantage points
Race, dinner: 15 000 per person

Signup opens Thursday 4 November, 22:00 CET via Team Events på Connect

Join us for one of Norway’s most popular mountainbike races - sign up for Nordsjørittet 2016.

Along with 12 000 other cyclists, we will take on Nordsjørittet, the second-largest mountainbike race in Norway.

The race starts in Egersund and winds 91 kilometers along the coast to Sandnes. The race attracts both elite cyclists and everyday cyclists looking for an exercise challenge. 

We can choose between two distances (women and men): 

  • Half distance: 45 km
  • Full distance: 91 km

It is possible to participate without timekeeping. 

Remember to choose the offers you want (hotel room, transportation, long/short race) by selecting Products when you sign up on Connect.  

NB! When you sign up you will be set on the waiting list on Team Events. Your spot will be confirmed when the Nordsjørittet management team allocates the number of participants. 

Published: 02.11.15