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Christmas greeting 2022

Omega 365 CEO, Petter Aalvik

Omega 365 CEO Petter Aalvik, looks back on 2022, and our rapid growth and strong development around the world. 

Christmas is approaching, and we have a lot to celebrate! 

The year 2022 turned out as well as we had hoped. People are back in the offices, and we are working together in teams on interesting projects. We are social again, and a lot of fun happens at work and outside of work. This has led to good momentum for both the company, as well as welfare offers and Advantage programs. 

Good work first brings joy to a few, but over time the joy spreads to many. The type of work we do in Omega 365 has this effect. We get good references and positive feedback on the work we do. Furthermore, all departments in the company are experiencing growth. 

Thanks to your good work customers return and continue to buy from us, which helps the Omega 365 family grow with more employees. It is nice to meet the new colleagues who recently joined us. The group has grown from 1,620 employees last year to over 1,800 employees this year.  

Earlier this year, the war and the atrocities in Ukraine came as a shock to us all. We want to help those who are fleeing the war, and those who are still living in the Ukraine under difficult conditions. With this, we have decided that this year's Christmas gift goes to the Norwegian Refugee Council.  

Thank you for your efforts in 2022! I wish you and your family a peaceful Christmas, and all the best for the new year! 

2022 Highlights in Omega 365

• Good growth in the number of employees creates a need for more office space. Many can look forward to new nice offices and extensions in 2022: Bergen, Tønsberg, Haugesund, Ølensvåg, Stord, Stavanger, Trondheim, Houston, Perth, Singapore, St Johns, and (Kristiansund 2023).  

• Omega provides the right expertise at the right time in the right place. For successful project implementation, the right expertise means everything, and Omega 365 is a leader in project consultants, as well as IT consultants, planning and engineering within the construction segment, graphic design and communication.  

• Strong growth for Pims R4 at all locations, and in Norway, the Omega 365 platform has taken large market shares outside the traditional Pims R4 segments; international rollout is underway.  

• Omega Subsea has grown into the leading player in Norway and the UK within ROV operations. In addition to offering expertise, Omega Subsea now also provides equipment that customers need.  

• Sustainability is an area of focus at Omega; Effective project implementation provides many environmental benefits in all sectors. At the same time, we are increasing our deliveries in renewable energy such as wind power, battery factories, hydrogen investments, and CO2 capture and storage. HMSREG ensures seriousness in projects.  

• Big enough to deliver, small enough to care. At Omega 365, it is about a culture that is open, engaged, generous, humble and solution-oriented. We are a multinational company that grows on diversity and inclusion, and we want to be a positive element in the local environments where we have offices.  

• Things are going very well in all the Omega 365 companies. There is rapid growth and strong development at our offices in Canada, USA, Australia, Singapore, France, Lithuania, Denmark, UK and not least Norway.  

• In 2022, there are so many highlights that they won't fit in a Christmas greeting. Let's enjoy a throwback of What's Up: 

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