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Landed dream job at Omega

They are both young, well-educated and hungry for success. Omega knows how to sweep the market and get the right personnel.

Håvard Ravatn and Olav Ingvaldsen

Håvard Ravatn (25) from Ølen (left) and Olav Ingvaldsen (31) from Haugesund have landed their dream jobs at Omega.

Omega is in the business of supplying IT systems and consultancy to oil and gas companies around the world, to put it short.

- When I finished my technology management masters degree in the USA, I was imagining working for a fancy corporation in some big city. I never imagined ending up in Ølen, smiles Olav Ingvaldsen (31). For a little over a year he has been commuting from Haugesund to the Omega headquarters in Ølensvåg. He is thriving in his job as international coordinator.

A global company

- These days we are working on establishing a new company in Canada. I am going over there in the middle of January, he tells us.

Omega is not only operating in Canada, the Ølensvåg company has personnel all around the world. Where there is oil or gas, Omega is also present. In addition to the main offices in Ølensvåg, there is another Norwegian office in Stavanger. Internationally they have personnel located in Venezuela, Australia, Germany, Dubai, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Spain, England and the Netherlands.

- Our subsidiary company Omega Project Solutions Inc. is based in Houston, Texas, so I spend a lot of time there, says Olav Ingvaldsen.

- I got a job offer on the third day of Christmas two years ago. I had recently started on my masters degree, but I never considered refusing the offer. A job at Omega is an opportunity one has to grab, Håvard Ravatn (25) from Ølen tells us. He works as a systems engineer.

What is the best thing about working at Omega?

- I think that has to be the fact that we don't have to climb the company ladder to get exciting tasks. At Omega, they put their confidence in our abilities from day one. We get to try new things and travel around the world, Håvard Ravatn says.

- At Omega the employees are an integral part of the product. When the employer shows that kind of trust in you, both the effort and loyalty from the employees grows. That in turn leads to the employee doing a good job, and giving the company good customer relations, says Olav Ingvaldsen.

Superb work environment and good terms

Besides good times in the oil & gas industry, why do you believe Omega is doing so well?

- The fact that Omega provides both systems and consultancy services is one factor, and I think that there is a broad variety of people here, which is untraditional, says Håvard Ravatn.

- I believe that it might also have to do with the great level of trust the customers have in us, and that we deliver a solid product, says Olav Ingvaldsen.

How is the work environment?

- It is just superb! There are a lot of nice people here. Management is good at finding things for us to do outside the workplace. That is important with staff spread out around the world. Among other things, we have been at the Tromsø Midnight Sun Marathon, and we participate every year in the Holmenkollstafetten. Throughout the year we get offers to play bowling, volleyball or soccer. And at Pentecost we are taking our partners to Iceland, says Håvard.

The terms are very good as well. Salary-wise they are somewhat above what others in equivalent positions get, and holiday houses in both Southern Europe and the Norwegian mountains are at their disposal. There is no doubt that a job at Omega is close to the dream job.