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New Omega 365 office established in Tønsberg, Norway   

Omega 365 opened a new office in Tønsberg in 2022 to strengthen their position in eastern Norway.

Svein Tore Haraldseid, General Manager of Omega 365 Solutions belives that establishing the Tønsberg office creates opportunities to be closer to local businesses in the area.

“We are always on the lookout for skilled professionals. With this location in Tønsberg, we will be near the cities of Tønsberg, Sandefjord, Larvik, and Porsgrunn. Having offices in regions where people like to live is important to us. Not everyone wants to, or can, commute to Oslo on a daily basis,” says Svein Tore Haraldseid, General Manager of Omega 365 Solutions.

Omega 365 already has an Oslo branch. By establishing the Tønsberg office, the Omega 365 Group aims to reach a larger part of eastern Norway.

A Desire for a Vibrant Environment

After employees living in the area expressed a wish for shorter commutes, Omega 365 found a golden opportunity to establish a branch in this relatively new region.

“We want employees to come into the office, and to build a good, vibrant office environment. That means we want at least ten employees here within a short period of time,” Haraldseid says.

Haraldseid proceeded to point out that establishing the Tønsberg office creates opportunities to be closer to local businesses in the area.

“For now, only some of the Omega 365 Solutions employees will be located here. But we do want other colleagues,” says Aleksander Birkeland, Head of Department in Omega 365 Solutions.

Currently Hiring New People

Now working in the Tønsberg office are: Developers Kevin C. Olsen and Arthur M. Nordnes, System Engineer Line Uth Jørgensen, and Head of Department Aleksander Birkeland. The Tønsberg team has already started working with projects.

“Recruiting programming graduates has proven to be successful. When we are searching for candidates now, we are looking for professionals with a couple of years’ experience. We would like a good mix of people who want to contribute to developing the company further,” Haraldseid says.

He encourages people who are interested in working in Omega 365 to get in touch. In addition to the Tønsberg office, there are 21 Omega 365 Solutions branches in Norway and globally.

About Omega 365

Omega 365 is a global company, with headquarters in Ølensvåg in Rogaland, which supplies project management systems and project personnel to some of the largest customers and projects within oil and gas, healthcare, infrastructure, energy, and construction.

The project management systems Pims and Omega 365 are market leaders, and within the area of project personnel the company now has over 1000 consultants on assignment on behalf of Omega 365 in 13 countries.

Companies in the Omega 365 Group also provide subsea engineering services, IT consultants, architecture and engineering services, urban and community planning, as well as design and communication services.

In addition to the head office in Ølensvåg, Omega 365 has regional offices in Bergen, Stavanger, Stjørdal, Kristiansund, Oslo, Tønsberg ,and Haugesund and international offices in Denmark, Sweden, UK, USA, Canada, Guyana, Australia, Lithuania, France, and Singapore.

The company’s almost 1800 employees work to ensure that Omega 365 is “Big enough to deliver – small enough to care” and have created results that secured Omega 365 a turnover of NOK 2 billion in 2021.