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Omega 365 technical training in Houston

Technology Manager Peter Øren and Systems Engineer Sondre Vestrheim provided technical training on Omega 365 to the systems engineering staff in Houston.

“It's important for us that our branch offices get deep knowledge and understanding of the product, and to assist them with implementation as needed,” says Technology Manager Peter Øren.

Approximately 25 staff members attended the meetings, which included in-depth sessions on the Omega 365 architecture, security model, tooling, design and coding patterns, and best practices. The attendees spent most of the time working on challenging hands-on labs, with expert advice and guidance. 

“Since we released Omega 365 in the U.S. market a month ago, we have already seen significant interest among both established and new companies, and we are already implementing the solution with an international mining company. We are collaborating closely with our Norwegian colleagues to ensure we stay aligned, as well as building the expertise of our local team. Having Peter and Sondre here has been tremendously valuable to our team and clients,” says Øyvind Vik, President of Omega 365 USA. 

Peter Øren has been in Houston on several occasions in the past and was happy to be back. 

“It's important for us that our branch offices gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of the product, and that we provide assistance with implementation as needed. We have had some good days with training, and our employees at the Omega USA office seem very eager to learn and understand Omega 365. Thank you to Øyvind and his team for taking good care of us,” Peter said.

Trong Nguyen is one of the most experienced senior systems engineers at the Houston branch.

“Omega is an exciting company to work for because of its commitment to investing in new technology and development of new tools. Over the years, I have seen several major shifts in design philosophy and while there's an initial learning curve; once you start using it, it becomes more intuitive over time. Then you realize each change had a valid reason - it's not different just to be different,” says Trong. 

He also likes how transitioning from the R4 to the Omega 365 technology has been made as seamless as possible. 

“Transitioning from Pims R4 to Omega 365 is made much easier by re-using the same tools we're already familiar with (i.e. appdesigner, dbmanager, etc). Thanks to Peter and Sondre for coming to Houston and teaching us how Omega 365 works. Having them in person and being able to ask questions made the learning process immensely better.”

Trong joined Omega in 2008 and has since supported clients with projects in the U.S., Canada, Brazil, Australia, and Senegal.