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Presenting new mobile app

A dedicated mobile app team in Omega has been working on developing a new app for entering work hours in the new system Omega 365. The timesheet app is now ready for download and use.

The mobile app development team. From the left: Henrik Vedal, Espen Gjendem, Vilius Vigelis, Jostein Skaar and Bente Bakke.


"This app means easier access and the possibility to submit hours on the go," says project manager and UX designer, Bente Bakke.

The app was launched early 2020 and is under continual improvement with new versions being released rapidly.

"To get an even better app we now encourage people to download and use it, and give us feedback." Bakke adds and emphasizes that some functionality is currently missing but underway such as the function for sick leave.

The mobile app development team, counting five people, is based at Omega’s offices in Ølensvåg, Stavanger and Klaipeda. They design and develop new mobile apps tailored to meet the needs of Omega's clients and systems.

"We designed the prototype of the timesheet app in the interface tool Figma, and from there we developed it in Flutter, Google’s user interface toolkit for building apps," says Bakke.

"We planned and completed the project based on the principles of Scrum, an iterative work methodology for software development. This has been a really good way of approaching the task and getting the app launched quickly."


Get started with the timesheet app


Download the app from App Store or Android Play Store by searching for “Omega365 Timesheet” in the store.

Open the app and log in with the same credentials as you use on 

In the timesheet app, you can:

  • Register your work hours up to 5 weeks back and 5 weeks ahead
  • See your registered work hours per order item
  • Get an overview of your work hours per week and month
  • Edit your order item list
  • Copy the work hours from previous week
  • Send registered hours for approval

Register your hours more efficiently

If you would like to register your hours more efficiently, go to the menu and register the number of hours you work during a workday (for example 7,5). The number of hours you have registered in the menu will then be automatically selected when you register hours for a day. If you register hours on several order items, the app will calculate the hours to be a total of (for example) 7,5 hours. You can of course edit your hours manually if you prefer to do that.