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Sykehusbygg goes for Omega’s Pims system

Omega takes a new step into the public sector and is awarded a frame agreement with Sykehusbygg. The project management tool, Pims, is now being adapted to use on building projects in the healthcare sector across the country.

Sykehusbygg has many ongoing projects. Illustrated here is a new hospital in region west. Illustration: Nordic AART/ architects, SLA, COWI, Aas-Jakobsen.

To support an increasing need for better planning, completion and management of projects, Sykehusbygg will now use Omega’s project management tool, Pims, for their building projects across the country. Pims will be taken in use on two to three larger pilot projects first and will then be made available on a number of building projects with Norwegian healthcare facilities. 

“It is a milestone for us that Pims now will be utilized by such a central actor in healthcare Norway and in the building industry,” says CEO in Omega PS, Svein Tore Haraldseid.

Adapted to new projects

Sykehusbygg is a national resource centre that aids Norwegian healthcare facilities with planning and building hospitals. In the frame agreement with Sykehusbygg, Omega will deliver modules that cover portfolio management, progress planning, financial, contract and risk management, digital interaction, management system, and follow-up of actions.

“We have during 30 years developed a comprehensive, but integrated system based on experience from large projects within the international energy industry. Pims handles all project phases, from the early stages to completion. The system can be adapted to projects of all sizes within different sectors, and we are looking forward to transferring our experience to projects within the healthcare sector,” says Roger Arnesen, Department Manager for Omega PS in Oslo.

In addition to having the broadest portfolio, Pims scored high on both quality and price in the offer for new IT project tools to Sykehusbygg.

Several new clients in the public sector

The frame agreement is the latest one in a line of several contracts with new Omega clients in the public sector. Recently, Omega also signed an agreement for the use of Pims at Statsbygg.

“Omega has solid competency with project management tools and within project consultancy services. With long experience in the field we are well equipped to take on projects within the public sector, such as health and transportation. The possibility to cooperate and exchange experiences with such a large and exciting actor as Sykehusbygg is something we are looking forward to,” says Haraldseid.