Assignment Description
• The Quality Assurance/Quality Control Inspector will provide support to the Asset Integrity Inspector/Coordinator.
• Conduct QA/QC inspections on maintenance and capital projects to ensure compliance with applicable codes and company standards (materials conformance and traceability, fabrication, coating and installation).
• Assess current quality control practices and provide feedback to assist Project Leads.
• Attend project walk downs at various stages of facility installation and completion.
• Witness key hold points, such as: Hydrotests, Buried Piping Installation, Vessel Closures, Closure Welds, Anode Installation Verification.
• Review all NDE reports, X-ray film, etc. available on the projects, for compliance with applicable codes and company standards.
• Verify Contractors’ QC programs are adequate and effective.
• Verify Contractors’ welding programs are in compliance (review WPS, PQR, WPQ and continuity logs). Ensure welding consumable handling and storage is correct (rod storage, etc.).
• Ensure paint program is sufficient and conducive for reliable coatings in accordance with company coating specifications.
• Ensure material handling, storage and traceability program is implemented and effective.
• Gather required documents (UI-A’s, as-built’s, data books, etc.)
• Attend Pre-Startup Safety Reviews as Asset Integrity representative.
• Perform visual inspections and non-destructive testing in accordance with ASME/ASNT/AWS/API Codes and any other applicable governing code or company specification or procedure.
• Conduct quality spot inspection/audit in fabrication shops and well locations to ensure new facility/equipment fabrication and installations meeting industry and ConocoPhillips quality requirements.
• Travel to aid in completion and documentation of Inspection, Testing and Repair of equipment throughout the Permian Business Unit.
• Assist Operations, Maintenance and/or A&OI Inspector/Coordinator with tracking recommendations and repairs to closure.
• Must be physically able to perform work duties, such as, but not limited to; traverse rough terrain, perform physically challenging tasks.
• Perform work in compliance with company and industry safety standards.

Basic/Required Qualifications
• Holds current CWI/SCWI certification
• NACE Level I coating certification.
• 10 years direct experience in upstream oil and gas and/or refinery/petrochemical plant inspection.
• 10 years equipment inspection experience related to Pressure Vessels, Tanks and Piping.
• 5 years of experience in oilfield construction QA/QC related activities.
• Demonstrated knowledge and/or certification in the following NDE methods (VT, PT, MT, UT, RT).

Preferred Qualifications
• Holds current API 510, API 570, API 653, API 1169, NBIC,
• NACE Level II Coating certification.
• Demonstrated understanding of equipment (Pressure Vessels, Tanks and Piping) inspection and integrity including knowledge of API-12R1 and API inspection codes.
• Knowledge of hydrocarbon production operations involving gas and oil production (gathering, separation, treating, dehydration, compression, pumping, and custody transfer) at low, intermediate and high pressures and in-service corrosion effects, H2S or CO2 damage mechanisms or contaminants from secondary/tertiary recovery methods.
• Demonstrated understanding of welding processes and WPS/PQR utilization plus ability to effectively perform welder qualifications.
• Have relevant ASME and API Codes awareness including understanding of Risk Based Inspection (RBI).
• UTS/PAUT/TOFD/GUL advanced NDE knowledge/certifications.
• Demonstrated ability to independently organize, prioritize, and coordinate a heavy workload in a potentially high stress, schedule driven environment to meet commitments.

Long-term contract