Assignment Description
- Responsible for establishing a WBS ( Work break down /Task definition ) strategy based on the project overall deliveries, including the commissioning strategy. WBS shall take into account critical line for construction, engineering and procurement.
- Responsible for further detailing of the execution strategy per Task
- Responsible for visualizing and communicating the WBS strategy in the form of high level plans and presentations.
- Responsible for establishing and maintaining method document per Task for area of responsibility. Method documents first gate is to provide input to planning team, second gate to the engineering team to align on deliverables and third to construction team to detail execution phase.
- Responsible for input and strategy for Level-4 activities into planning systems and cooperation with planning department..
- Responsible for coordination of Piping & mechanical scope towards other disciplines ( EIT, ISO , COM , Operation )

Qualifications Required

Duration: ASAP - 12 months
Location: Stavanger