Assignment Description
As an experienced Data Architect, you will:
- Define the principles for data acquisition, storage, and data access for a range of business processes and use cases derived from MMP's digital projects
- Develop and manage conceptual, logical and physical data models to support data visualization, data analysis, data warehouse and data science / advanced analytics and contribute to a structured IT Architecture approach.
- Drive data architecture standardization and harmonization across MMP's projects
- Define or support the definition of standards for data quality and drive data quality transparency and improvement efforts.
- Define or support the maintenance of relevant data governance policies and products (data catalogues, business criticality information inventories, Quality dashboards, etc.) to ensure data and information is easily findable and accessible to users.
- Provide guidance on master data, reference data and metadata management.
- Ensure that data and information is visualized in IT architecture models in a consistent way, including relationship to business capabilities and IT systems. Work and collaborate closely with data lead for MMP, data & IT architects, data scientists, software & data engineers, data stewards and business subject matter experts.

Qualifications Required

- In depth knowledge of how to integrate and/or exposing data across IT systems; including master data management.
- Good knowledge of energy business data or enterprise data domains and related data sources.
- Knowledge, experience and interest for data management, modelling data and information flow across the enterprise in architecture models.
- Experience with ETL/ELT, data integration and database technologies especially SQL.
- Familiar with data storage technologies (preferably cloud for data storage and integration).
- Have an interest for understanding the business perspectives and how data can bring value and competitive advantage for MMP's Trading.
- Strong team player
- Analytical mindset.
- Strong problem-solving skills.
- Forward leaning, curious and proactive
- Positive “can do” attitude to take on challenges in unknown territory
- Perseverance in overcoming barriers and finishing products
- Language: English

Duration: 14.09.2020 - 17.12.2021
Location: Stavanger or Trondheim