Assignment Description

• Effectively and efficiently coordinate job requests from operations which involve Fluid Deliveries to location and the removal of all waste streams.
• Effectively and efficiently communicate to all vendors involved
• Assist in mitigating any issues that may result from operations and communicate resolution to all parties
• Capture all data pertaining to fluid deliveries, waste stream disposals and material transfers on Excel spreadsheets
• Work with vendors to resolve invoice issues regarding fluid transport, waste disposal and material transfers
• Manage and respond to emails received for Drilling and Completions operations

Qualifications Required

• Typically 10-15 years of experience.
• Provides oversight to professional and/or lead staff.
• Responsibilities may include several technical/functional areas.
• Resolves complex problems.
• Provides input to development of technical/functional strategies and ensures operational plans are aligned with business objectives.
• Decisions are guided by functional objectives. 


Long-Term Contract