Omega PS Australia provides clients and consultants with access to the international Omega network from its main office in Perth.

Our full-service office, offers Omega Personnel, Software and Solutions.

Experience and expertise underpin the value of Omega's Consultancy Service. Our consultants have skills across a wide variety of disciplines and possess a keen understanding of project execution throughout all phases.

We know first hand the value of choosing the right staff to guarantee the success of your project. With offices located in Western Australia, Queensland and around the globe, we are able to draw on an extensive pool of talent to match client needs. Our consultants are industry professionals who have built vast networks of contacts and potential candidates over the course of many years in the business.

Whether you require additional contract staff to handle peak workloads, a specific set of skills to compliment your existing expertise, or a whole team to manage a new project, Omega is able to deliver the right personnel, even in competitive markets. With a high degree of client and consultant retention and an emphasis on stable and continuous relations, Omega is a safe choice for project management and completion services.

Quick facts

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    Omega PS Australia Pty Ltd
    Suite 2, Level 1
    1 Howard Street
    Perth, WA 6000
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