Project Personnel, Pims Software and Tailored Solutions

With expertise within a range of industries and disciplines, Omega’s project personnel ensures an efficient performance on every phase of the project. Find individual consultants with the competency you need, or have teams of consultants taking care of your project.

Find the right expertise and experience you need to ensure the completion of your project.

Omega’s selection of Project Information Management Systems, Pims, can be used within several disciplines and sectors, and elevates the efficiency of the process and project. The Pims tools ensure better project overview and less time used on administrative tasks. The Pims modules were initially developed from the realistic needs of a leading oil and gas actor, and additional modules are developed based on needs.

Discover what Pims can do for you and your company.

Omega’s subsidiary companies can offer a unique resources and solid competency to find and develop solutions that help you reach your goals. Omega offers a unique variation of competency from subsidiaries Omega Subsea, Omega IT-Arkitekter, Omega IT Consultants, NSB Energy, Omega Areal, Omega Hus, and Filter Design and Communication.

See what our competency can do to realize your goals.