Pims Risk Management

Exploit opportunities and minimize threats.

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Pims Risk Management

Exploit opportunities and minimize threats

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  • Manage project risks, their cost, schedule, and HSE impact
  • Identify risks by responsibility and context
  • Assess the probability of occurrence, impact, and manageability
  • Utilize reports displaying risk development over time
  • Perform qualitative risk analysis on overall project objectives
  • Plan risk responses by developing options and actions
  • Define timeframes for risk exposures

Qualitative risk tool

Pims Risk is a qualitative tool to help us describe, log, and communicate risks. The application is intuitive and easy to use. Users are able to learn to retrieve relevant risks, and add or edit risks with limited instruction.

From documentation tool to communications tool

Pims Risk is more than a documentation database for historic risk development; it is a communication portal for risks within a company. It can easily be accessed by those that require access. Both the Pims Risk application and key reports become familiar views when communicating risks within the company. Risks can also be communicated to other parts of the company by elevating them to another company entity within the program.

Clear responsibilities

Pims Risk assigns risks to owners and actions to the responsible person. Your own ownerships and responsibilities can easily be found within the application, you can also set the system up to automatically provide notifications if dates are overdue.

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Pims Cloud

All Pims Applications are offered as a hosted online service.

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