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Invitation: Pims User Conference 2016

Omega has the pleasure of inviting you and your colleagues to our Pims User Conference 2016, to be held in Stavanger, on 20th - 21st September.

The conference will bring together Pims clients from some of Norway's most prestigious organizations. We will provide participants with the chance to share Pims experiences, learn from the experience of other projects and users, network, and ensure that they are up to date with latest Pims news.

We will welcome to the conference a wide variety of client representatives, industry experts, and Pims Managers, a selection of whom will also take the time to present for us their experiences in the application of Pims in their project environment. Browse the preliminary agenda below to see what you can look forward to.

This will be a unique chance to network, expand knowledge, and gain new insights. We look forward to seeing you at Pims User Conference 2016!

Please register before 15th September 2016 using the button at the bottom of this page.

Preliminary program

Tuesday 20 September

Time Event Speaker
16:00 Registration and refreshments
17:00 Welcome
17:30 Pims Status and Roadmap  
News from Pims - tablet solutions and more

18:00 - 18:15 Pause

18:15 "The Devil is in the details" - how to get control during the completion phase Omega 
A presentation of Omega's delivery to Lundin's Edvard Grieg Project

Tor Erling Lunde
Pims Project Manager for Hook-up, expediting and reporting

Tor Erling Lunde has over 35 years of experience in the offshore industry.

In the fall of 2011 Lunde became involved by Lundin Norway with planning and follow up of the completion phase of the Edvard Grieg platform. During the offshore completion period, Lunde operated as Completion Manager offshore.

In August 2016 Lunde started working on Statoil 's Johan Sverdrup hook-up project. Part of the job on the project will be to implement Omega's systematics, equivalent to the systems used on the Edvard Grieg project.

19:00 Practical Information (10 minutes)
Dinner at Kitchen & Table by Marcus Samuelsson
We will enjoy dinner at the hotel's own Kitchen & Table Restaurant by Marcus Samuelsson. The restaurant offers a welcoming, warm and relaxing environment where we will enjoy food inspired by a fushion of Stavanger and Manhatten. 

Wednesday 21 September

Time Event Speaker


Experience transfer - client perspectives

Standardizing Project Control: The Capital Project Toolbox Maersk Oil

Maersk Oil have faced the challenge of enabling projects to efficiently and effectively execute their defined scope of work. The aim from a corporate perspective has been to deliver a toolbox for the capital projects consisting of a defined set of activities and tools (IT applications) to support those activities. The presentation will cover the establishment of The Capital Project Toolbox, its subsequent implementation (spearheaded by Pims), and the specific usage of Pims on the Culzean project.

Cathrine Linde Jensen
Business Analyst in Information Solutions

Cathrine Linde Jensen has worked in Maersk Oil since 2014. She has a bachelor in Psychology and Economics from the Copenhagen Business School, and a master in IT & Management from the IT University in Copenhagen.

Brian Clark
Project Service Manager

Brian Clark is the Project Service Manager on the Culzean Project, based out of Aberdeen. He has a background of Mechanical Engineering and several years of experience within the oil and gas sector.

Pims Document Control implementation in projects Statoil
Merete Nese and Paal Lysaker are representatives from Statoil. They will start their presentation by introducing document management in Statoil, and explain how Statoil projects are completed in general. They will move on to the topic of Pims Document Control, and tell us about the reasons behind choosing to utilize the tool, their implementation of the tool, and how they work with the system.

Merete Nese
Leading Advisor for Document Management in Statoil since April 2015

Nese started working for Statoil in 2011 as a document manager for the Fast track and Subsea portfolio. In 2013 she switched to the same position in the Valemon project.

Nese is educated a librarian, with additional experience from pedagogy. She has worked as chief librarian in the Bjerkreim and Hå municipalities and in Rogaland county, where she also had the position as leading advisor for libraries, archives and museums.

Paal Lysaker
User representative Pims DC since January 2015

Lysaker has worked in Statoil since 2012 in TPD (Technology, Projects and Drilling) Document Management team.

Before joining Statoil, he worked 11 years in Hydro IS Partner with different projects, and also has two years’ experience as a consultant in Accenture.

Lysaker holds an MSc in Economics and Business Administration from NHH (Norwegian School of Economics).

09:40 - 09:55 Pause

09:55 Governance Assurance and Information Management in Major Projects Repsol

The presentation will provide a summary of the processes involved when an Oil & Gas Operator delivers a major project to a ‘Stage Gate Process’ and utilizes project control management systems (PCMS)/Pims management tools. Sutherland will also touch on the theme of generating a project culture for the development of specific modules to control rigorous processes over a multi-geographical project environment. Sutherland will focus on showing how consistency management of processes and performance management are valuable layers to project assurance and completion, and in ensuring that the implementation and use of the Pims PCMS is correct and follows the timeline of the project. This covers the existing Omega PCMS modules used and lays the ground for further realizing the need to develop additional modules to cover the  whole life cycle of a project. 

Iain Sutherland
Repsol Sinopec Governance Assurance and Information Management Manager

Iain Sutherland has been involved in Oil & Gas Major Capital Projects for the last 25 years during which he has worked with a range of operators and engineering contractors. 

10:30 - 10:45 Pause


Breakout sessions

Statoil's implementation of the Pims Interface Module in projects Statoil
During Statoil's presentation, the audience will become familiar with the processes of company's implementation of the Pims Interface Module. Langlo will focus on Statoil's motivation behind choosing to implement Pims, their experiences with the module thus far, and will futher share his thoughts on possible future extensions of functionalities in the standard product.  

Claus Langlo
Advisor, Interface Management

Langlo holds an MSc in Marine Technology from The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Since joining Statoil in 1998 he has had various positions within brownfield, development and decommissioning projects, including project and engineering management. He has also served in different roles in Statoil’s professional ladder, currently having the role as an Advisor in their Engineering Management network.

Pims Collaboration and Content Management Omega

Pims Collaboration is Omega's new tool for efficient collaboration, and project and document management. The tool was built on Omega's established knowledge of working with projects, and has resulted in a tool that tool that is simple to use and will increase the efficieny of collaborative work for clients.

The tool’s technology and horizontal products are specifically aimed to fit all types of businesses.

Arne Myskja
Business Develeoper

Arne Myskja, a Department Manager at Omega IT Architects, has during the past years been active in creating Pims Collaboration and Pims Content Management.

Arne Myskja will be available to showcase Omega's Pims solutions throughout the Pims User Conference.

Pims Cloud - Pims products hosted online Omega

Brataas will share the newest information about the Pims Cloud features. Here are some of his key talking points: 

  • Overview of the Pims Cloud platform
  • Identity Management
  • Integration
  • Security, Trust and Compliance
  • Pims Management Center

Jan Christian Brataas
Pims Cloud & Infrastructure

Brataas has been a part of Omega since 2004, and worked within the IT, Technology and System Department.

He now serves as a part of Omega's Pims Cloud team which is responsible for coordinating the hosting and infrastructure activities globally. Brataas developed and is responsible for the Pims Management Center, an application that provides diagnostic and performance statistics from all of Omega's Pims installations.

11:15 - 11:30 Pause


Breakout sessions

Introducing Pims Completion on The Folloline Project (the largest infrastructure project in Norway) Jernbaneverket

Arne-Magne Hansen
Completion Manager

  • Worked with Completion of various projects in Oil & Gas, and industry with aluminium, hydro power and railway over more than 30 years
  • Educated from State and Marine College of Electrical Engineering
  • Certificated Electrician and Marine Engineer
Pims HSE: From traditional data input and archiving, to analyses and continuous learning Omega

During his presentation, Paul Wiik, will discuss how the HSE perspective has been changing over the years. Key points from his presentation will be:

  • Going beyond a traditional storage archive where the user must actively seek out the information, and statistics are pre-defined to a modern system that presents relevant information to the user.
  • Showcasing a unique visual data drill down tool.
  • Encouraging users to continuously learn by seeing connections between the different HSE data.

Paul Wiik
System Engineer

Wiik has close to 20 years’ experience in designing and developing HSE software for enterprise companies.

Through his work, he has worked with companies from all over the world and in several industries. His main focus, however, has been the oil and gas industry.

Case Study – application of a specific technique for an operator in the Gulf of Mexico

Shane Butt will share lessons and experiences that Omega learned from applying a specific technique to a project, focusing on some of the major deliverables including:

  • How all the modules within Pims HSE work together for a cohesive solutions, not just data collection
  • How the company can use Pims HSE to prepare in case of a hurricane
  • How the company can use Omega's pivot table tools to analyze their safety statistics and government (BSEE, Coast Guard etc) visits

Shane Butt
Vice President - Enterprise Systems (Omega USA)

Shane Butt has been designing and implementing HSE solutions for mining and energy companies around the world during the last 12 years of his career. This has taken him to countries like Papua New Guinea, Thailand, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, Senegal, Australia and the USA. This has given him great insight into the different HSE cultures around the world.

Most recently, Butt has been working with an oil and gas operator in the Gulf of Mexico. Omega has built the company's  HSE solution from the ground up to be compliant with the BSEE (Bureau Safety and Environmental Enforcement - 2011) regulations.

Pims Risk in projects Omega

Pims Risk is a qualitative risk management tool that gives management visibility into the many internal and external risks within the company by providing a uniform platform for communication of risk.

In our breakout session we will give you our ideas about the tool and explain our product philosophy as well as where we want to take the application in the future. To add more depth to our presentation we have been fortunate to get Mads Hembre, Lead Advisor Risk Management in Statoil, to give an introduction to how Pims Risk is implemented in Statoil and what Statoil is working with now in regards to the Pims Risk tool.

Sigurd Bell
Product owner Pims Risk and Quality

Arild Røksund
Product owner Pims Risk and Quality

Mads Hembre
Lead Advisor Risk Management TPD PRO, Statoil ASA

12:30 Lunch
Lunch at the hotel's own Kitchen & Table Restaurant by Marcus Samuelsson


Experience transfer - client perspectives

Introducing Pims Life Cycle Information (LCI) on a subsea project Centrica Energy

Frode Dyrdal will present some of Centrica’s experiences with Pims LCI on their projects. Some key points from his presentation are:

  • About Centrica
    • E&P Norway
    • Oda project
  • LCI management
    • Requirements
    • Work processes
    • Planning for the Operations phase
    • Tools and systems
  • Pims LCI implementation
    • Co-operation and support

Frode Dyrdal
Non-Ops Technical manager

Frode Dyrdal currently serves as a Non-Ops Technical Manager in Centrica with responsibility for follow-up and technical support towards non-operated (Partner-operated) assets. As member of the leadership group in the Centrica Norway Projects Department he has had the responsibility for introducing and implementing LCI Management in Centrica Norway for the Oda project development (previously named Butch). Dyrdal has a background in process engineering with more than 20 years of experience from project development and operations in Norway and Algeria.

Using tailored solutions to gain a competitive advantage in today's market
Westcon Yards

15:00 - 15:15 Pause

Introducing Pims User Forums
16:15 Meet the experts
- Our Pims Experts will be available to discuss and present various Pims products and modules in the hotel lobby

17:00 Have a safe journey home

Date and venue

Join us from to Tuesday 20 September to Wednesday 21 September 2016 at Clarion Hotel Air.

The newly-constructed Clarion Hotel Air will be our home for the duration of the conference. The hotel features world-class conference facilities and is located just 150m from Stavanger's Airport at Sola.

We will enjoy dinner at the hotel's own Kitchen Table restaurant by Marcus Samuelsson. Here, we will eat in a welcoming, warm and relaxing environment and enjoy delicious dishes inspired by Manhattan and Stavanger. Lunch will be also be served in the restaurant.

In order to access our Pims User Conference room rate, please contact at Clarion Hotel Air and quote discount code Gr000536.

Clarion Hotel Air
Adress: Utsolaarmen 16, 4050 Sola
Telephone (+47) 51 71 85 00


Please contact us if you have any questions, or wish to share your Pims experiences at the conference!

Svein Tore Haraldseid
Svein Tore Haraldseid
Project Systems Manager
(+47) 98 28 68 98
Karina Hovden Stava
Karina Hovden Stava
Pims User Conference organizer
(+47) 98 28 66 87


The cost of participation is NOK 2700 for both days, including the meals indicated in the program above. Please note that accommodation and transport is not included.

If you are looking to stay at Clarion Hotel Air, please contact and quote discount code Gr000536 to access a discounted room price. Please note that bookings made independently online will not include this discount.

Please register before 15th September using the button below.


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