Pims 365 is a fully integrated project management tool driving progress on critical phases in a project by keeping key users notified and informed.

Pims 365 is developed for the construction sector and combines technical and commercial data as a basis for generating structured information to the user.

The modular structure enables Pims 365 to be easily integrated with external systems and makes it possible to implement only the modules that are needed on a given project. However, the system will perform at its best when used as a total support tool for the project.

Illustraion of Pims365's system integration
BIM Interface

BIM (Building Information Modelling) is integrated with all parts of Pims 365. Gain complete overview of errors and omissions via BIM.

Document Management

Keep an efficient work flow and administration of project documents via Document Management.

Cost and Contract Management

Estimate, plan budgets, and keep control of changes, contracts and costs.

Gather all documentation

Define requirements, document plans and ensure the correct documentation for management, operation, maintenance and development of construction works is in place.

Case Management

Gather all forms of internal and external case managing for formal and unformal processes.

Status Report

Generate information from every part of the system and combine them with information from external sources for a singular and consistent form of reporting.

Risk Management

Identify and control risks in the project.

Systematic completion

Ensure structured handovers with predefined packages in line with the completion management strategy.

Project Hotel

Collaborate with your team through one common platform.

HSE Management

Surveil and report cases concerning safety, health, working environment, compliance and unwanted incidents.


Monitor and oversee construction locations with information about contractors and crew on site. The system has been developed specifically to counteract work crime and social dumping in the construction sector.

Pims 365 provides you with
High security

Role-based access, encryption, integrated security on all levels.

Good user experiences

Quick system, logical layout, easy to use, single sign-on.

Accessible platform

Cloud-based, web, desktop, integrated BIM viewer, mobile units.

Dynamic work flow

Case handling with notifications on every phase.

Quick start-up

Easy and uncomplicated start-up for new projects, best practice integrated.

Orderly structure

Structured detail information aggregated and used as managing parameters.

Optimized information sharing

Information optimized for role-based sharing on all levels.

Seamless integration

Integration on technical and process levels.

Gain overview and predictability
  • checkmarkOne supplier, one contract, one solution
  • checkmarkAll inquiries to one support team
  • checkmarkSeamless BIM integration
  • checkmarkAggregation of information and reporting across modules
  • checkmarkComplete integration between modules
  • checkmarkOne IT infrastructure
  • checkmarkPredictable expenses for purchase and operation of the system to the lowest price
  • checkmarkA uniform interface