HSE Management

HSE Management


Incident and Investigation Management

As a part of the continual improvement process it is important that all incidents and observations are recorded, investigated, and that actions are taken to prevent or reduce the chance of recurrence.

The HSE system developed by Omega 365 has a comprehensive, flexible and user-friendly Incident and Investigation Reporting feature to record, track, trend, and report all types of incidents, near misses, and observations. This will help your organization to effectively manage and mitigate incidents, accidents, and injuries.

  • Configurable workflow with clear identification of required workflow steps and approvals
  • Comprehensive analytical reports and dashboard widgets for easy trend analysis
  • Actual and potential risk assessments
  • Root cause analysis
  • Promotes a uniform approach to incident investigations
  • Automatic notification to managers
  • Incident data is accessible to authorized personnel at any location

Action Management

The HSE Action Management system is an effective tool for tracking ongoing corrective and preventive action plans to ensure decisions are implemented and followed through. A single tool enables assignment and follow-up of environmental, health, and safety actions from any source. End users find all their ongoing tasks in one consistent format.

  • Ensure accountability
  • Increase productivity
  • Configurable email notifications with live links back to the task
  • Attachment of hyperlinks and electronic files
  • Priority ranking to focus efforts on critical tasks
  • Escalation of overdue actions
  • Approval rules for completing and verifying actions taken
  • Easy access through dashboard widgets

Exposure Hours

Enables benchmarking of safety data versus exposure.

  • Record exposure hours
  • Supports integration with HR systems
  • Can capture alternate exposure (e.g. kilometers driven)
  • Categorization of exposure

Unsafe Acts and Conditions

  • Enable early detection of unsafe trends in the organization before they materialize into incidents
  • Captures dangerous conditions before they become accidents
  • Broad categorization of “what?”, “why?”, and General Failure Types
  • People involved are not stated – the intent is not to create investigations but to capture
  • Associate Action Items and Notification emails directly

Leading Examples

Enable detection of leading examples in the organization to promote good work behavior and support continuous improvement.

Customizable Dashboards

A dashboard is an executive information interface that (similar to an automobile's dashboard) is designed to be easy to read. Unlike reports, dashboards are not meant to provide in-depth detail, but rather an overview of particular aspects of a business that is understandable at a glance.

In many cases, dashboards are used by executives and management to get an idea of how the business or a department is performing, without them having to go through endless numbers.

Pims HSE dashboards give a personalized or departmental summary view of important information.

  • The homepage of the HSE system is a portal page with movable and configurable gadgets
  • Gadgets are boxes of information; these can be data text, charts in various formats, RSS feeds, etc.
  • Each gadget can be moved around the dashboard according to user preference
  • End users can add and remove gadgets from their dashboard as they please
  • Non-technical users can easily create new dashboards and modify existing ones at any time using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, with absolutely no coding
  • Numerous charts, graphs, and gauges can be configured and linked to source data (and each other) in any way in order to generate rich, interactive data visualization
  • Dashboards can be quickly and easily shared
  • Easily drill down to underlying reports to identify core factors that affect business performance

Lessons Learned

Ensure that conclusions and experience that may or may not be actionable are spread to a wider audience.

  • Describe the learning/experience/alert
  • Identify Importance Rating
  • Set up rules for distribution of alerts


Workflows are integrated into the backbone of the HSE system and ensure a common understanding of how the information flow and approval processes works.

Defining the workflow and communication flow for incidents, audits, inspections, etc. is a part of the HSE setup process.

The HSE Workflow feature let you develop and enforce standard workflows across the company, ensuring that the right work is completed correctly by the right person or team at the right time. Adding automated workflows to the company’s processes means that the efficiency of the operations and productivity of teams can be greatly improved.

  • Model business processes using intuitive visual tools
  • Enhance communication of key events through notifications
  • Improve user productivity by automating activities
  • Ensure standardization and consistency across operations
  • Workflows are integrated into the backbone of Pims HSE
  • Centralization of workflow management
  • Easily track workflow status
  • Efficiently manage a dispersed workforce
  • Report metrics to stakeholders in real time
  • Visually represented workflows ensure a common understanding of how the information flow in the organization and how approval processes work
  • Workflows can branch into multiple decision trees with integrated electronic sign-off and email notifications of new events
  • Ensures that the workflows without human intervention according to policy and requirements

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