The expansion of Vetland school in Oslo was one of the projects where A Bygg utilized the HMSREG system. Illustration: SPINN Arkitekter. 

“We collected positive experiences with HMSREG from projects with Undervisningsbygg,” says Martin Lyngstad Ihler, project manager in A Bygg, and adds that HMSREG help them to follow the statutory rules and guidelines such as ensuring that insurances, contracts, and compliance with registers are under control. 

Oslo-based A Bygg now uses HMSREG on two projects, but will utilize the system on all new projects going forward. A Bygg delivers construction services to clients such as Møller Eiendom, OBOS Ulven, Ferd and Undervisningsbygg, and coordinate with a large number of subcontractors in the construction industry. HMSREG has become an important tool for following up on subcontractors as well, explains Ihler.

«We work with many subcontractors which again have their subcontractors. Previously we have had limited overview of all subcrontractors, but we now get the opportunity to set demands and get overview of all parts of the supply chain. It is a more transparent model,” says Ihler.

In addition to providing overview of construction sites, control of contracts and ensure compliance with StartBANK, HMSREG is used to oversee that the regulations for salary and work conditions are followed.

«Clients and contractors have a shared responsibility in the work of creating a serious and trustworthy construction industry. In the development of HMSREG, we have focused on simplicity and interaction, says department manager Kathrine Steen Andersen, and we consider it very positive that both smaller and larger contractors now are using the solution. HMSREG can be scaled based on the organization's size and project structure and the user  is  also lower for entrepreneurs with fewer projects.