The Risvollan Health and Wellness Center in Trondheim municipality is one of the pilot projects where HENT utilizes the HMSREG system. Illustration: Eggen Arkitekter AS. 

"We use a lot of time and resources on following up provisions of laws and regulations, HENT’s own requirements and contract requirements from the construction manager. With HMSREG these processes are controlled in real-time and we get insight into deviations that we previously had to actively check or search for ourselves,” explains Einar Flakne, HSE manager in HENT.

HENT develops and executes all types of projects for private and public contractors. Their main office is located in Trondheim, with department offices in Oslo, Bergen, Ålesund, Bodø, Hønefoss and Horten. In addition, the companies HENT Sverige AB (Sweden) and HENT Danmark AS (Denmark) are established with several large construction projects under development. HENT utilizes the HMSREG system on four active pilot projects, where two are located in Oslo and two in Trondheim. 

"The pilot projects HENT have started on will be important learning cases that make up the foundation for further implementation. A success factor will be that HMSREG is not perceived as an extra task in the project manager’s busy work day,” says Kathrine Steen Andersen, department manager for HMSREG in Omega, and explains further that the solution must be utilized in combination with HENT’s routines and processes in order to contribute to a more efficient work day for HENT’s managers that control the construction projects. 

The information system HMSREG was developed by the software company Omega in 2017, and assists construction managers and contractors in cooperating for building a trustworthy construction sector. The system contributes to creating trustworthy companies and equal competitive terms. 

Together for a better industry

"We are happy to see that our sub-contractors are taking the system in use. It is easy to register and invite new users in the system, and they further ensure that the job of following up regulations is done. The implementation has been good, and the user threshold is low and it is not advanced to learn,” Flakne says and points out that it is important for HENT to emphasize and explain why they now are taking HMSREG in use; 

«There is no hidden agenda. We wish to go together with the industry to improve and create a better construction sector. The market is ready for these types of solutions and there are many companies taking the system in use.”

"Hent was one of the first contractors in the pilot projects when HMSREG was developed, and we are happy to see that they now wish to use the system on their own projects,” says Andersen. 

"For HENT who have a large amount of simultaneous projects HMSREG will contribute to an overall overview for the management, at the same time as experiences are shared across the company, regardless of projects and departments.”

HENT will gather experiences from the pilot projects and will work towards a decision of implementing the system on all projects. The system already proves to be resource-saving and Flakne believes that if they use the system well, they can get value across the around 70-80 ongoing projects that they have. HENT hopes to see synergy effects from HMSREG that can simplify the decision process in new purchases.