All of the Norwegian companies in the Omega concern have had a large percentile growth during the past year. Among them, Omega Subsea has experienced the most growth.

«We have experienced a great development since 2016. By May this year we had 116 employees on assignment from our offices in Norway, and we have expectations of holding a steady 120 employed through the summer to the fall. When we look at the development projects that are planned for the years to come, we expect that our activity will increase even further. Many of these projects are set to start in 2020, but we are preparing for 3-4 years with a significant increase in the number of employees and increase in requests for our services,» says General Manager for Omega Subsea, Trond Berge.

Omega took a more serious step into the subsea sector in 2014 as the concern became the majority shareholder in Accpron Subsea Management and established the subsidiary company, Omega Subsea. The company has offices in Bergen and Stavanger, and a branch office in Aberdeen. From 2016 to 2017 Omega Subsea doubled their turnover, and Berge believes that there will be further growth in activity.

«We are probably among the largest suppliers within the subsea sector in Norway today, and deliver our services to all the leading companies in the sector, such as Technip, IKM Subsea, DeepOcean and Oceaneering.»

Omega Subsea delivers consultancy services, engineering services, project and assignment management within the subsea sector. The services include all project phases from tender to project completion of both marine and subsea operations, in addition to the delivery of operational senior offshore personnel.

«The biggest challenge now is the access to resources. There will always be a need for vessel and underwater operations in the operational and developmental phases offshore. During the past couple of years many vessels have been stored, and many layoffs came because of that. This has led to a lot of personnel going over to other sectors. We therefore see an increased need for resources within the subsea sector. But Omega has a strong reputation and there are many who want to start their assignment through us. This enables us to further expand and cater our services to our clients’ needs,» says Berge.

Still many clients within oil and gas

Omega’s Norwegian consultancy business has experienced a significant increase in requests for services, and the number of employees has grown in line with the requests.

«Since the year-end we have more than a hundred new consultants on assignment,» says General Manager for Omega’s Consultancy Services in Norway, Anders Lunde.

«The market has developed in our favor this past time, and we have put a lot of work into recruiting during the past years. Omega is a company that many want to work for, and we have given good service also when the times were rough. This is something that we can see the results of now,» says Lunde.

It is still clients within the oil and gas industry that make up the majority of the assignments for Omega’s consultants, even though the company for the past few years have gained a foothold within other sectors.

«We continuously work to get in on new assignments within the construction business. Here we have also had a great advantage due to close cooperation across the many companies in the concern, such as the software company Omega PS with their Pims products, the engineering and architecture company Omega Areal, and of course Omega Subsea,» says Lunde.