This team is ready to meet the participants at the Pims User Conference in September. From the top left: Jan Christian Brataas, Gjertrud Lunde, Svein Tore Haraldseid, Karina Hovden Stava,Trygve Haaland, Lauren McPherson.

The conference will bring together Pims clients from some of Norway’s most prestigious organizations within Omega’s traditional sectors such as oil and gas and energy, as well as newer sectors including healthcare and transportation. Pims Product Owners from Omega will also be attending the event to demonstrate new Pims features and the expanded application of the software amongst Omega's client network. 

Pims User Conference 2016

“We want to provide existing and new clients with insights into the latest updates in Pims. Many clients that use Pims focus on only one area and have therefore not had the opportunity to explore all of the possibilities Pims has top offer. We will, for example, demonstrate how Pims Completion Management can now be used on tablets,” explains CEO for Pims Software, Svein Tore Haraldseid. 

Valuable feedback via Pims User Forum 

The conference will also function as a user forum, where some of the participants will take the time to present their own experiences regarding the application of Pims in their project environment. User feedback and suggested improvements will be captured from clients throughout the event, enabling existing clients to have a significant impact on the future of Pims. 

“Following our first user forum, which featured client presentations and users discussions regarding the implementation of Pims on their projects, we recognized that there was a unique value in gathering user feedback for further development,” says Haraldseid, explaining that there has been great demand for a Pims User Conference from clients, since the first event.

Haraldseid emphasizes that everyone benefits from an event like this where the improvement of Pims modules is in focus. Participants will have the opportunity to take part in various Pims workshops, ask questions, and witness demonstrations of the modules that they are interested in, whilst also enjoying meals with fellow participants at Clarion Hotel Air's own Kitchen & Table restaurant by Marcus Samuelsson.

CEO in Pims Software, Svein Tore Haraldseid, is looking forward to an exciting Pims User Conference in September with client presentations, networking and feedback from Pims users.  

Despite the current market situation, Haraldseid hopes that as many Pims enthusiasts as possible will have the opportunity to participate in the conference this fall: 

“In today’s market, where there is a strong focus on cutting expenses, it can seem contradictory to invest in participation at a conference. However, we need these events now more than ever – here, we have the opportunity to secure proactive networks, support each other, and gain insights into great solutions for cost-efficient solutions. We are like-minded individuals meeting at this event.” 

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