Novo Nordisk's headquarters is located in Denmark, with offices in more than 75 countries.

"This is a new market for Pims and Omega and this contract is a milestone as it represents a new client segment for us. It is very exciting that our first step into the pharmaceutical market is with a company of this scale,” says Omega Project Systems Manager, Roger Arnesen.

Perfect match for Novo Nordisk

Over the last six months, Arnesen and Omega Project Manager, Johan Bengtsson, have worked with Novo Nordisk. The pharmaceutical company was looking for a new project management system suitable to their construction projects world-wide.

“We contacted Novo Nordisk during the European summer and it turned out they were looking for a system with the exact functionalities that Pims offers. We started implementing the system in January and the first project goes live in February. The system will be utilized in even more projects over the coming months”, says Bengtsson.

Most recently, Arnesen has been working on implementing the system at Novo Nordisk’s headquarters in Bagsvaerd, Denmark. It is anticipated that the company will use Pims as their project management system for the cost and contract-related elements of their constructions projects.

Novo Nordisk

  • Among the world's largest pharmaceutical companies
  • World leading in diabetes care
  • Headquaters in Denmark
  • Offices in more than 75 countries
  • Over 40 000 employees
  • An annual turnover of more than NOK 90 billion

World leader

Novo Nordisk is a one of the largest stock-market listed companies in Scandinavia and is among the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies within the treatment of diabetes.

“Novo Nordisk has more than 40 000 employees in more than 75 countries. They build factories all over the world and are planning a number of projects in the years to come. Pims will now be used on all their future construction projects,” says Arnesen.