Inside Omega

New HMSREG leader 

Eivind Bakke is the new CEO of HMSREG. He sees a great potential for future development of the solution to prevent social dumping and work crime. 

Eivind Bakke, CEO of HMSREG. 

Eivind Bakke was involved in the start-up of HMSREG while working for the Development and Competence Agency in Oslo municipality, and is well acquainted with basis for the company where he recently started as the general manager. 

– I was hired as a consultant in Oslo municipality and was involved in the work of collecting the needs from the construction companies in Oslo municipality, where I drew the first solution sketches for how to establish electronic crew lists. It was a very exciting job where I was a part of creating something completely new, he concludes.

It was in a procurement process in 2016 that HMSREG was developed in a collaboration between Oslo Municipality and Omega. HMSREG has an overview of contractors and subcontractors on the individual delivery and continuously picks up who is registered in and out on the construction site. This provides a total overview of suppliers and crews across locations and contracts. The overall goal in municipality of Oslo at the time was to prevent social dumping and work-related crime in the construction industry. 

– Based on the municipality’s needs, an innovative procurement prosses was carried out, where Omega won. It was interesting to be part of the costumer’s side of the table. This has given me knowledge of the first phase of the project well, and I am lucky to already know some of those who work in HMSREG, says Bakke. 

– And since the launch in 2017, many builders and contractors have used HMSREG. The systematization of both suppliers and crew in a transparent solution provides an opportunity to work preventively and contribute to the work with a serious construction industry. In addition, arrangements have been made to follow up risk factors where signals of social dumping or a-crime are captured. 

Technology and management 

In 2020, Omega established the company HMSREG AS. CEO, Eivind Bakke, has a varied and interesting background, which is relevant for his new leading position. He is educated in informatics, management and finance and has, among other things, worked as head of the analysis and development department at Norway Post and was responsible for business development of Customer service at Posten and Bring. He came to HMSREG from a position as Principal in the consulting company Devoteam Fornebu Consulting.

– Through the jobs I have had it is clear that I have liked to look at what opportunities IT technology offers up against existing or new needs of customers and users. I also like to lead initiatives to concrete results. I am committed to developing good products that in turn create value for the costumer. There is a great potential in HMSREG. 

– It is important, and it feels good to be able to work with helping the market to separate the serious players in the market. We contribute to gain good control over supply chains, their crews and thus also of the seriousness work.

Department manager Kathrine Steen Andersen, CEO Eivind Bakke and department manager Øystein Berge-Olsen.

Important development 

Eivind Bakke believes that there is good speed in the development of HMSREG, and that it is still a matter of meeting the needs of the clients. He also believes that there are several industries that will be helped by HMSREG. 

– This is a large market with a variety of suppliers. HMSREG has already gained a good foothold, but we must ensure that we are relevant all the way, and therefore it is important to stay on track all the time.

Eivind Bakke has already managed to visit the head office of Omega 365 in Ølensvåg and is looking forward to further cooperation with Omega 365.

– Omega 365 impressed me, both the people I met and what they managed to deliver. I look forward to being a part of the work culture there. 


HMSREG provides an information system that allows for the systematic control and follow-up of suppliers and crew on construction sites. The system provides a complete overview of the supply chain, access to digital crew lists, and the ability to validate HSE cards and send invitations to new suppliers. HMSREG helps builders and contractors work together to secure a safe, compliant and trustworthy construction industry, supporting goal number 8 in UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The system was developed by Omega in 2015, in close cooperation with the Oslo municipality. In 2020, HMSREG became a stand-alone company, with 12 employees. The company is now owned by Omega and the Swedish company, Infobric