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Our unique employee welfare program is your gateway to international Teambuildings, Team Events, local get-togethers, a wide range of Holiday Houses, and training and development opportunities.

The program is based on monthly Advantage points that are distributed to all employees who work at Omega 365, and additional points can be earned by completing Advantage Activities that support Omega 365’s key goals. Explore the program and discover where Advantage can take you!

Benefits of the Advantage program

Connect with Omega 365 colleagues
Explore new places and activites
Visit holiday houses and cabins
Spend time with family and friends
Improve physical health and wellbeing
Enjoy concerts and cultural events

See where Advantage can take you

Enjoy concerts and cultural events

Meet up with colleagues to experience great music, sporting events, unique culinary experiences, and other exciting activities! If you wish, you can even bring a friend and introduce them to the Omega 365 team!

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Earn additional Advantage points

Receive additional Advantage points by staying active, both in body and mind! Take a walk, work out, cycle to work, and log all activities in the Activity Log. Access our employee Academy to explore training courses and receive points upon completion.

Questions about Advantage?

If you have any questions or need help regarding our Advantage program, please contact us!

Aslaug Østrem Nesheim

Aslaug Østrem Nesheim

Business Support

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Yvonne Sandgren

Business Support