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Introduction to Advantage

Our unique Advantage program is your gateway to local get-togethers, international team building trips, and a wide range of holiday accommodation available for use close to home and abroad. All employees in Omega 365 and Omega 365's subsidiary companies earn Advantage points, which can be used to sign up for team events or to book accommodation.

Advantage Team Events

Team-based social events you may use your Advantage points to sign up for

Our Advantage Team Events bring employees together for sporting events, concerts, dinners and trips to exciting destinations! See our upcoming Team Events:

Advantage Team Events
Advantage Program 2023

Advantage Holiday Houses

Holiday houses and cabins available to be booked using your Advantage points

Omega 365 has a wide range of holiday accommodation available. Visit for example mountain cabins and seaside retreats in Norway or Canada, or take a warmer break in Spain, Thailand, USA or Gran Canaria. See all our Holiday Houses:

Advantage Holiday Houses

Advantage Training Courses

Training courses and professional development that you can use your Advantage points on

You also have the opportunity to use your Advantage Account to advance your professional development via relevant training courses, which you can pay for with Advantage points.

Advantage Training Courses

Advantage Activities

Activities that allow you to earn Advantage points

You have the opportunity to earn Advantage points through Advantage Activities - activities that support Omega 365’s key goals. Filling out your exercise log regularly and our yearly Cycle to Work campaign are examples of how employees can earn Advantage points through activities.

Advantage Account

An overview of your account balance and ingoing and outgoing points

The Account application in Omega 365 offers you a snap shot of your account balance and point activity. Ensure you keep your Account balance above 0 to maintain full booking abilities. Visit Omega 365 and find the overview of your account in our Advantage applications in Omega 365:

Learn more about our guidelines to your Advantage Account.

Questions about Advantage?

If you have any questions or need help regarding our Advantage program, please contact us!


Phone: (+47) 53 77 53 77

Rules and regulations may differ by country or organization across companies in the Omega 365 corporation - please contact your local administration for more information.