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Anfi Tauro House II

Omega 365’s Anfi Tauro House on Gran Canaria is open for booking all year round. If you want to relax in the world’s best climate, this Gran Canaria bungalow is the dream location for all sun-lovers.

The bungalow

  • Three large bedrooms with bathrooms
  • Bedroom 1 - two beds
  • Bedroom 2 - two beds
  • Bedroom 3 - two beds
  • One extra bed for youth/child
  • One travel bed for children
  • One travel baby bed (0-3 years)
  • Large living room with dining area
  • Kitchen
  • Guest bathroom
  • Large outdoor porch with private pool
  • Private garden with automatic irrigation and lighting

NB! Smoking forbidden.


  • Washing machine
  • Dishwasher
  • Cooker
  • One baby high chair
  • Refrigerator & freezer inside and outside on the terrace
  • Microwave oven
  • Football game
  • Children trolley
  • Golf set with trolley
  • Table tennis
  • Charcoal barbecue
  • TV w/ Norwegian channels
  • Wireless Internet access

Contact persons in Anfi Tauro

On arrival at the airport

There are always available cabs outside by the departure hall. Get in line and ask for a taxi that has room for all passengers and their luggage. Taxi from the airport costs approximately 60 euro. The cabs on Gran Canaria are white with a green light sign on the roof and have diagonal lines on the front doors. You do not need to agree on the price for the trip beforehand; these are official cabs that are regulated by a well-functioning price system. However, feel free to ask the driver how much the trip will approximately cost. If you are planning on paying with a credit card, ask the driver before the trip; some cabs do not accept payments via card, only cash. It is also possible to travel with express bus to Puerto Rico from the airport and taxi from the bus station to the bungalow.


Entrance barriers are installed at the main entrance. You can use the remote control to enter the area, but if for some reason it is not available use the code.


On the left side of the entrance door there is a key cabinet. Enter the code and push the black button on top. The front can be removed. Follow the same procedure for closing the cabinet. It is important that you turn the number dials after you've used them to ensure no one else gains access.


The bungalow has its own swimming pool, and there is also a larger shared pool on the compound, Plot 15. The pool area is screened and contains tanning beds and tables for your comfort. A key is needed to access the pool area. You will find the key to the pool area in key cabinets or on the table inside the house. Close to the pool area, you will also find a restaurant and a grocery store.

The swimming pool in the garden is cleaned once a week. The cleaners will ring the house doorbell as he arrives to clean the pool.


There is no car in Bungalow 37.

Outdoor lighting

Remember to turn off the outdoor lighting during the day, and turn them on at night.

Indoor lighting

Turn off the lights at night and when leaving the apartment.


To reduce the load and noise we recommend that you only switch on the air conditioning when you are indoors in the evening. Also remember to close the doors when using the air conditioner.

Kitchen and outdoor area

Wipe down kitchen counters and cooker every time you cook. Do not leave food out on the kitchen counter.


Garbage should be sorted according to instructions.

  • Plastic and metal together
  • Glass
  • Paper
  • Food and residual waste together

Garbage containers can be found in the area.


Remember that there will be ants and other insects around the house. We recommend that you take some precautions.

  • Wrap all food.
  • Avoid leaving food on the kitchen counter.
  • Ensure all foodcrumbs and leftovers are disposed of or put away.
  • Clean tables and counters after use.
  • Sweep or vacuum the floor in the kitchen and outside on the patio every time you have eaten.


In the closet in the bathroom by the bedroom you will find a safe for valuables. This should be open upon departure.


Do not sit in the furniture outside/inside with wet clothes. Always use a towel on the sun loungers.


This attractive bungalow is situated in Anfi Tauro surrounded by golf courses and just minutes from the beach. It is located 200 meters from the highway connecting it to the entire island. The Playa de Tauro area is located 15 minutes from Puerto Mogan and 40 minutes from the airport.


Urbanizacion Anfi Tauro,
Calle Escocia Topaz
Bungalow 37, Plot 15
35138 Tauro Mogan


Getting there


It is necessary to organise your own flights to and from Gran Canaria. The airport abbreviation is LPA, and it is often referred to as Las Palmas or Gran Canaria.

Airlines flying there from Oslo Gardermoen include:

From the airport

The house is located a 40-minute drive from the airport.


Phone number to a local Taxi on Anfi Tauro is 0034 928 154 777.


Towels and bed linen are washed on a weekly basis. If you stay for more than a week, please contact Naima to schedule washing. Extra wash during the stay is not included.

Our own cleaners take care of the cleaning between stays, but we ask that the house be left neat and tidy as it was on arrival. We remind you that extra costs can be incurred if the housekeepers have to do a larger cleaning job after the stay than usual

On departure

  • The safe must be unlocked.
  • Remember to turn off airconditioning.
  • Remember to turn off all the lights inside. Outdoor lighting can be left on if it is evening/night.
  • Remember to remove garbage/leftovers before leaving.
  • Wash and empty the fridge for leftovers.
  • Put the dishes in the dishwasher. Do not wash the bed linen. This is washed at an external laundry.
  • Please leave bed linen and used towels on the floor upon departure.
  • Remember to put all the keys in place.
  • If you should so unfortunate as to break some of the inventory, it must be replaced. You must inform Omega 365 of this.


If you require assistance during your stay, please contact Omega 365 on +47 5377 5377 or +47 982 86 931.


Feedback assists us in improving our Advantage accommodation. Please provide feedback on defects, flaws, or damage.

Booking alternative

If the period you wish to book is already taken, you can contact Turid Berge-Olsen at Ølen Betong. Ølen Betong has a Duplex in Anfi Tauro that you can rent. With this option you cannot use your Advantage points and will have to pay for you stay in NOK.

Contact Turid Berge-Olsen for more information: