Growth and future plans for Omega 365 Australia

Earlier this year, Omega 365 Australia's General Manager Emma Ireland visited Omega 365’s offices in Norway, accompanied by Consultant Manager Julie Goodwin, Finance and Administration Officer Andrea Beverstock, and Software Developer Helene Larsen.

Published: 08. July 2024

During her visit, Ireland shared insights about the company's recent developments and future plans.

“It's been two years since my last trip to HQ, and a lot has happened in Australia,” Ireland noted, highlighting the company's unexpected growth in 2023 despite initial plans to focus on refining corporate structure and processes. 

In her presentations to team members and discussions with Corporate Communications Manager Lauren McPherson Simonsen, Ireland spoke about initiatives like the developer exchange program, which she described as "fantastic" for fostering innovation and collaboration. She emphasized the value of face-to-face connections, the unique culture at Omega 365, and the goal of expanding her team while maintaining flexibility and a sense of camaraderie.