Lifehack course 2024 completed

At the beginning of May, a total of eight people completed the Lifehack programming course at Omega 365 Solutions in Stjørdal.

Published: 17. June 2024

A warm welcome to Mia and Denys, who are continuing at Omega 365 Solutions, here together with Mohamad Jamil Mohamad, Software Developer at Omega 365 Solutions and the training manager for the Lifehack program.

The students have undergone a six-month intensive coding training course, learning basic programming under the guidance of Mohamad Jamil Mohamad. Lifehack aims to give people a new start, primarily targeting refugees and immigrants, by helping them become an integral part of our society. However, this year the program has also included individuals who, for various reasons, have fallen out of the job market. Of the eight students who have completed the course for 2024, two have now started as trainees at the Omega 365’s office in Stjørdal, Norway.  

Read more about the Lifehack programming course by visiting the community page on our website.