Ølensvåg Extension

Published: 01.02.08

After waiting patiently for 14 months, many of Omega's Ølensvåg employees could finally move into the new building in the middle of January. The administration were the first at the scene, and were eventually joined by most of the former Kiwi office building tenants from across the parking lot.

As you all know, Omega has been experiencing a massive growth since the turn of the century. The number of employees is now five times as high as it was in 2002, and this of course meant we needed more office space in order to be “Big enough to deliver”.

The new extension to the main building brought the floor space from around 500 m² to more than 1200 m², giving more than 30 people new offices closer to the waterfront. The building also includes three new meeting rooms, one of which is the main 65 m² meeting room with a fjord view. The IT department were happy to furnish the new 22 m² server room, and the technology department now have their own loft on the 3rd floor. A new canteen is also planned to be built into the new area between the extension and the old building.

Construction started in the fall of 2006, and with a scheduled completion of late 2007, things went as planned. The influx started in early January with the administration, and after a few weeks all but a handful of the employees in the Kiwi building had moved into their new offices.