Omega 365 is expanding to Newcastle  

Omega 365 is experiencing growth in the UK and is now moving into new offices in The Northern Design Centre in Gateshead. The office will contribute to Omega 365s presence and growth in the coming years.

The team in Newcastle will work actively with recruitment, and meet requests from both potential and existing customers.

“After a couple of months of looking into suitable office spaces, we decided on The Northern Design Centre. With the potential for growth and convenient location, it seemed like the perfect place to set up shop,” says Liam Heywood.

Located south of The River Tyne, the office is within walking distance of central Newcastle, and easily accessible for visitors and public transport routes. With its creative spaces and modern facilities, the building has become the premier location for innovative and design-led businesses in the North East of England.

“Our office location has several universities in the nearby area, which we expect to be vital in the search for new, talented employees. Our ambition is to double the number of employees in the immediate future and continue to multiply as we look to onboard UK-based clients using Omega 365,” says Heywood.

After completing his education in the USA, Liam Heywood from Newcastle started as a software developer at Omega 365 Solutions in 2019. As a young teenager, he was previously invited to Norway to participate in a football tournament organized by Neil Carlsen from Newcastle, who is employed by Omega 365 and has worked in Norway for over 25 years.

New opportunities  

After three years of working for Omega 365 Solutions in Norway, Liam expressed a desire to move back home to England. He, therefore, asked about the opportunities to work there permanently. Thus, Heywood was asked to help establish an office and hire more resources in Newcastle to take onboard more UK-based clients.

In the past year, two new software developers have been hired. They will work in Omega 365 and Pims CMS. Omega’s support/customer advice on Pims CMS against BP will also be done via the Newcastle office.

General Manager of Omega 365 Solutions, Svein Tore Haraldseid believes that the team has done a great job in securing engaging office locations and obtaining growth in their company.

“We thought there were good opportunities for us to establish, and create a business in England. We have received several requests about our solutions from the UK. The office in Newcastle will contribute to a good presence and growth. Our employees will work actively with recruitment, and meet requests from both potential and existing customers.”

The idea is that in the long term, the Newcastle office will take care of those inquiries and existing customers in Great Britain. We are delighted with the work done so far, and firmly believe that Omega 365 will have a good presence and growth in the UK in the coming years,” says Haraldseid.

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