Strengthening the consulting services in Bergen

Rita Arntsen is back as one of the new Department Managers at the Omega 365 Consulting office in Bergen. She looks forward to connecting consultants with challenging and innovative job opportunities.

Published: 22. February 2023
Going forward, Arntsen says her work as Department Manager will involve building the company step by step by expanding her network and finding relevant candidates as well as new customers in need of personnel.

As this is her second period as Department Manager, Rita Arntsen knows the Omega 365 system very well. She has previously gained valuable experience as a consultant in the firm, thus increasing her knowledge of consultants' everyday life in the companies they work for.

“I like working with people and contributing to people finding exciting jobs. Right now, we are in a situation where there are more opportunities than candidates, so filling positions with the right people will be of the highest importance going forward,” Arntsen says.   

Her base will be at the Omega 365 Consulting office in Bergen.   

“To become a good consultant, they need experience from their discipline and have extensive knowledge of the field of study in which they will work. We like proactive people; being active and ambitious is very important.”  

Good tools  

She is trained as both a mechanical engineer and a business economist. In 2011, she got her first job in Omega 365 as a Department Manager. After that, she worked as a consultant for Equinor from 2017 until last year. During the consulting period, Arntsen worked as POB/ATS Coordinator in the Johan Sverdrup oil field.  

“I heard Omega 365 was different than the other consulting companies I had worked at before. Here, we prioritize the customer as well as focus on the consultant and their assignment out there. Omega 365 was also growing steadily. I have enjoyed working here, both as Department Manager and consultant,” she says.   

Many things have changed in Omega 365 since the first time Arntsen started working as Department Manager.  

“First of all, I came back to a completely new project management tool in the Omega 365 system, which I find very good. I look forward to working with the system, and I think this will be a great tool for developing our projects further”.   

Building network  

Going forward, Arntsen says her work as Department Manager will involve building the company step by step by expanding her network and finding relevant candidates as well as new customers in need of personnel.   

“I am starting from scratch, which I think is great. I now have the time to recruit people and build a good team. I will spend some time taking in the right candidates for the right projects. I have always wanted to find new customers in the Bergen region. As the market will fluctuate, it is important to extend our customer base. I am also reviewing our database to see if there are any customers we have not reached out to in a while,” Arntsen says.   

Arntsen is not nervous about the workload required.   

“Logging completely off in my spare time has gotten better with age. The challenge is that I always could have done more and spoken to more people. I am always on the lookout for someone or something that could potentially be exciting for us.”  

Rita Arntsen is back as Department Manager in the Omega 365 Consulting office in Bergen. 

Important competence  

The CEO at Omega 365 Consulting, Anders Lunde, looks forward to having Arntsen back as Department Manager at one of the Omega 365 offices that are experiencing growth.   

“Rita has experience as a consultant, and she is doing a great job. Her competence, as well as her knowledge of the conditions for our consultants working on our customers' projects, is crucial."   

“She has been working at the Johan Sverdrup project, one of the largest and most expansive developments on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. This is a successful project in its final phase. As Department Manager, you must be able to connect with people, negotiate, understand the financial side, and see possibilities coming your way”. 

Ambitions to grow  

At the office in Bergen, 137 consultants are currently working under five Department Managers, and they want to increase the number of consultants.   

“There are great opportunities for growth in Bergen, and I think we can have up to 250 consultants. If we reach that goal, we will have to consider hiring more Department Managers as well,” Lunde says.   

As Omega 365 Subsea, Omega 365 Solutions, and Omega 365 Areal are co-located, it creates a pulsating professional environment across companies.  

“We are not located in Bergen because our consultants work in this region. In many cases, they travel the world. However, we must grow in the cities where many relevant candidates live, being close to people wanting to work with us,” Lunde says.   

“Originally, our largest sectors were oil and gas. We also want to strengthen our position in construction, infrastructure, health, and fish farming. I believe this is possible in Bergen.”