- Follow up suppliers where MC/FAT is to be carried out
- Ensure preperation of interface documentation with clear targets for package delivery. Packages must match the PCS structure for completion and handover
- Follow-up of all Process Control Safety Systems / Safety and Automation Systems (PCSS/SAS)
- Update and implement procedures and testing
- Review, approve and prepare all Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) for implementation in accordance with requirements
- Review work scope to establish system completion procedures
- Approve established Multi-Discipline Packages / Field Check Packages / Engineering Work Packages (MDP/FCP/EWP)
- Generate reports in PCS to verify correct system links for establishing completion procedures
- Follow-up of documents in ProArc
- Implementation and start-up activities for equipment and handover to operation
- Update the system in accordance with procedures and plans
- Formally handover all systems and areas to the client and ensure that outstanding work is identified and prepared for completion
- Report to the completion responsible / project management
- Collaboration with the respective project disciplines, completion and field personnel offshore
- Ensure that RFCC/RFOC is established with the correct links before completion commences

- Relevant formal higher education (i.e. process/electrical/automation). Long and relevant experience from coordinating/supervise commissioning activities within the white trades can compensate for lack of formal education
- Min. 5 years experience within relevant discipline
- Have the ability to work independently and in a team
- Proactive and focused on safety
- Familiar with prevailing regulations
- Concerned in multidiscipline problems
- Relevant systems: IFS, ProArc
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills, both Norwegian and English

- Management skills
- Good communication skills
- Have the ability to work independently and in a team, to be proactive and focused on safety
- Concerned in multidiscipline problems

Duration ASAP - 16.12.2020
Location Stavanger

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