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Senior Planner

Assignment Description

  • Create and maintain project/tender plan, ensure identification of long lead /critical items
  • Coordination with the various operations and support units, to ensure timely and accurate cost data is available for preparation of cost reports.
  • Preparation of cost report updates and report generation for review by Management
  • Perform project progress monitoring duties, including identifying critical activities and reviewing forecasts, with progress achieved to date.
  • Ensure contractors provide resource loaded schedules at determined intervals, to make sure service is being completed on time and within budget.
  • Support the use/integration of project and contract management systems, into the daily operation of the business.Work closely with the internal Document System (DS) to ensure that there is an integrated system between the DS and planning functions in projects so that progress is tracked.
  • Receive and analyze Daily Progress Reports during offshore execution

Qualifications Required

  • Educated to College or University degree level in a relevant field
  • Demonstrates knowledge of the market and competitors (SURF industry) in order to align work with strategic goals.
  • 3 - 5  years previous experience in a related field or area.
  • Experience in Microsoft Project
  • Experience from making detailed offshore schedules
  • Safran experience also required

Duration Start of January 2023 - Minimum 12 months
Location Stavanger

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