Advantage Account

Your Advantage Account offers you an overview of your account balance and ingoing and outgoing points. Make sure you keep your Account balance above 0 to maintain full booking abilities.

Published: 08. November 2023

Accessing your Advantage Account

  1. Log into
  2. You will find an overview of your account on the tab Advantage.

Account Balance

Your Account Balance is shown on your Advantage, and represents the Advantage points at your disposal at any time. Your account balance determines your booking abilities in Team Events and on the Advantage Accommodation calendar. To see all transactions on your Advantage Account you must click on Include all Transactions.


In the Advantage program you use your points to sign up for Team Events and book Advantage Holiday Houses. Advantage points are non-transferrable and non-refundable.

Base points

You will receive points every month you earn salary through Omega AS or a subsidiary company of Omega AS. Base points will be automatically paid into your Advantage Account on the last day of the current month.

Bonus Points

You can receive bonus points through the completion of Advantage Activities. Bonus points will be automatically paid into your account following the successful completion of an Advantage Activity. 

Point validity

Your Advantage points remain valid for the duration of your employment with Omega AS or a subsidiary company. If you quit, your account balance will be frozen for a period of five years. If you rejoin the company during this five-year period you will regain your former account balance.

If you leave

  • Your Advantage account is available as long as you are an employee. If you decide to leave, your account balance will be frozen for a period of five years.
  • Unfortunately, if you leave you cannot participate in our Advantage offers (teambuildings and accommodations) after end date, even if you have made a booking or signed up when employed.
  • Your signups and bookings will then be terminated, but the points will be reversed to your account, and you may use them on new Advantage offers if you come back to the company.
  • Unfortunately, your Advantage account will not be available if you return to the company as a hired consultant.

Contact us

On Inside's Advantage pages you will find more information about the guidelines for our welfare program.

If you have any questions about your accounts, signups or bookings, please contact your manager in Omega 365


Phone: (+47) 5377 5377

Rules and regulations may differ by country or organization across companies in the Omega 365 group - please contact your local administration for more information.