Holiday Houses

Advantage Holiday Houses describes the holiday houses and cabins available to be booked using your Advantage points.

Published: 06. February 2024


  1. Go to
  2. Choose Hoilday Houses from the Advantage menu
  3. Find your property of choice on the list
  4. Click on your chosen check-in date
  5. Complete the sign-up form with chosen check-out date and optional information about your booking in the comment field

You will then see a pop-up message as your confirmation.

Booking Calendar

The booking calendar allows users to make bookings up to 12 months in advance and is divided into two time periods:

Unlimited booking period (0-6 months from today’s date)

In the unlimited booking period you can make as many bookings as you like across all the properties.

Limited booking period (6-12 months from today’s date)

In the limited booking period you can make only one booking across all the properties.

The booking calendar is color coded:

  • Blue - dates booked by you
  • Orange - dates booked by others users
  • White - dates available to be booked
  • Grey - dates that are unavailable to be booked

Prime booking periods

The prime booking periods are Christmas and Easter holidays. You are limited to one booking in the prime booking periods every 12 months. If you have booked one of our mountain accommodations for a prime booking period, you will not be able to make a new booking for this period during the next 12 months. This only applies to our mountain accommodations.

Booking duration

All properties have a maximum and minimum stay limit. These limits are published in each property’s own article on The Booking Overview calendar will notify you during the booking process if you attempt to book too many or too few nights.

Number of bookings

Please note that one person is not allowed to book two apartments/cabins at the same time.

First come, first served booking system

Participants are confirmed on a first come, first served basis.

Booking cost

Omega 365 Holiday House bookings are made at a nightly rate. Therefore, the cost of your accommodation will be the nightly rate for the period in which you are booking, multiplied by the number of nights you are staying.

The standard nightly rate for each property is also presented on the property’s information page.

The points required for your stay will be displayed on the booking form after you have selected your check-in and check-out dates. Please note that the nightly rate for properties may be higher during busy periods. Changes to the standard nightly rate for a property are at the discretion of Omega 365.

Advantage Account balance required to book

Unlimited booking period (0-6 months from today’s date):

You are required to have 0 points or more in your Advantage Account to be able to book in the unlimited booking period. The booking system will automatically manage your booking abilities, based on your current account balance.

Limited booking period (6-12 months from today’s date):

The Advantage program requires that you have 0 or more points in your Advantage Account in order to book a stay in the limited booking period. The booking system will automatically manage your booking abilities, based on your current account balance.

Booking newly released and re-released accommodation

When a new accommodation offer is released or re-released, each employee will have the opportunity to make only one booking in the 14 days after the property is opened for booking on the Booking calendar. After this time you are welcome to make as many bookings as you wish (within the existing program boundaries).

This measure is in place to ensure that as many team members as possible have the chance to book our new accommodation offers. You will be informed of upcoming accommodation releases on Inside.

Your bookings

You will find an overview of your bookings in Advantage and My Holiday House Bookings on


When you have placed your booking, Advantage points will be deducted from your account immediately. You can cancel your booking yourself:

  • Click Cancel booking for your selected booking under My Holidays House Bookings.
  • If you book an accommodation you can cancel your booking within one hour after you have made the booking.
  • You can book the same house/apartment again within the hour, but if you cancel once more after the one hour time limit, you cannot book the house again until 14 days have passed.

With this limitation we give everyone the same opportunity to book houses without anyone 'freezing' the accommodations ahead of time to secure popular periods of the booking calendar. Points are not refunded for cancellations due to bad weather, closed roads, etc.

Advantage points refund after cancellation

  • If you decide to cancel your booking within seven days after you booked it, Advantage points will automatically be refunded.
  • If you cancel your booking later than seven days after you booked it, points will only be refunded if, after cancellation, the dates in question are booked by another user.
  • If your cancellation is on account of sickness (or similar), please notify Omega 365 so your situation can be taken into consideration.

Rules and regulations may differ by country or organization across companies in the Omega 365 Group - please contact your local administration for more information.