Annual internship program concluded

Omega 365 USA recently concluded its annual internship program for 2024. This year, the initiative led to five interns being offered full-time positions.

From the left: Øyvind Vik, D. Young Hoang, John Pham, Yongfu Zeng, Miguel Gomez, Noura El Moughny, Tatiana Apolo, and Jared Ngo.

The internship, created to challenge and engage participants, welcomed interns, providing them with the opportunity to gain valuable insights and hands-on experience with Omega 365's systems. Now with the internship program behind them, several of them are moving straight into full time positions with Omega 365. The paid internship program was first launched in 2022, designed to foster talent and seamlessly integrate interns into full-time roles.

Among the celebrated interns was Miguel Gomez, who accepted a full-time position as a Junior Systems Engineer in Omega 365 USA.

“This program challenged me every step of the way, but I am grateful for the support I received from my teammates, John Pham and Yongfu Zeng, as well as my manager, D. Young Hoang,” says Gomez.

Miguel's experiences, echoed by his peers, highlight the program's approach to professional development. Interns were not only tasked with exploring and integrating various technologies but were also encouraged to contribute to full-stack applications, gaining insights into the technologies pivotal to Omega 365's operations.

“As I reflect on the last couple of months here, I am grateful for the challenges that have tested my abilities and the enjoyable experience that have made me a better developer and team member. I look forward to this new chapter with Omega 365. I seriously can't wait to contribute to real world applications,” shared Gomez.

“This program is an extraordinary opportunity for newly graduated students to enter a successful career. We are proud of the fact that nearly 70% of the interns who complete the program go on to full-time positions in our company,” says Øyvind Vik, President of Omega 365 USA.