Brunei LNG visits Omega 365 for Pims HSE training

Representatives from Brunei LNG visited Omega 365's office in Kristiansund, Norway, for a three-day course on Pims HSE.

Department Manager Christian Ryther Enaasen, together with representatives from Brunei LNG.

The course was led by the developer Gunnar Mellemsæther, who guided the group in exchanging valuable knowledge and experiences.

Brunei LNG is a major producer of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and has been a customer of Omega 365 for over 20 years. Gunnar expressed the importance of Brunei LNG's recent visit to their Kristiansund office, saying: 

“We have had Brunei LNG as a customer for over 20 years, and we have had many visits between us over the years. Such visits are important for building relationships between people on both sides, and also demonstrate their willingness to invest in Pims. This time, they came to Kristiansund for training and were very satisfied with their stay.” 

Department Manager Christian Ryther Enaasen, also expressed his satisfaction with the visit, stating: 

“We are very pleased that Brunei LNG came to visit to further develop the good customer relationship we have had for many years. We had a good walkthrough of the product, and we look forward to further cooperation.” 

The positive feedback from both sides highlights the importance of maintaining strong customer relationships and the benefits of investing in valuable training opportunities.

The course was led by developer Gunnar Mellemsæther.