Competed in GreenTechSee's 2024 Hackathon

Apprentices from Omega 365's department in Kristiansund, Norway, recently participated in GreenTechSee's Hackathon for 2024, where they were challenged to innovate solutions that contribute to strengthening and promoting sustainability.

Apprentice system developer David Hasselø and his team secured a win in the Energy category.

A Hackathon is an intensive and often competitive event where participants, usually developers, designers, and other technology enthusiasts, gather for a short period to collaborate on creating innovative technological solutions to given problems or themes. 

“We had three days to develop a demonstrable product or a prototype. There were three categories that the solution had to be related to: Ocean, Energy, and Society. We were divided into different teams, each team could have up to eight people,” tells David Hasselø, an apprentice system developer in Omega 365 in Kristiansund, alongside apprentice Beng Frey. 

From 11-13 March, they worked intensively to develop their solution, which involved planning, development, and preparing a pitch to be presented to the other teams and a jury, who decided if their solution won the trophy. 

“After three long days of exhausting but valuable work, we finally had a product we could present to the jury. It was very exciting to see what the other teams had worked on, and there were many good and innovative solutions. Even cooler was that my team actually won the Energy category, and we received a trophy,” tells Hasselø. 

“Since we were fortunate enough to win one category, we had the opportunity to present our pitch again, this time in front of a large part of the business community here in Kristiansund, with representatives from all sorts of companies. The conference was very inspiring, and innovators and entrepreneurs gave talks about their experiences.” 

“All in all, it was an exciting, educational, and useful experience. It shows that with a clear goal, good collaboration, and focus, you can go far. Many of the solutions that were innovated at the Hackathon, including the solution from my team, will be utilized by businesses and individuals who see the benefit in them,” he shares.