Happy International Women's Day!

Today, on International Women's Day, we celebrate the contributions of women within our organization and globally, while also taking stock of our journey towards equality, assessing the pace and quality of our progress.

Kari Marie Usken, Project Consultants Manager in Omega 365 Consulting, and Communications Manager in Omega 365, Lauren McPherson Simonsen.

In Omega 365, we prioritize diversity and inclusion, striving to empower women across all facets of our operations. Nevertheless, our story so far is far from perfect, and our pursuit of equality remains a work in progress.

By the end of 2024, we are committed to achieving a minimum 40 % representation of women on the boards of Omega AS and Omega 365 Solutions, with Omega 365 Consulting already having achieved 50 % female representation. Enhancing gender balance in these key organs not only enhances the quality of decisions but also shapes the collective direction of our companies.

Our organization currently comprises 22 % women overall, underscoring the need to attract and retain new talent, particularly in sectors where women are underrepresented. We believe that acknowledging the underrepresentation of women in key sectors for Omega, even at the educational level, should motivate action, ideas, and creative solutions, rather than serving as a justification for gender disparities at the managerial level.

We are committed to continuing to inspire young women in their academic pursuits, showcasing exciting opportunities in fields such as engineering, IT, project management, construction, infrastructure, architecture, and subsea. As the year progresses, we eagerly anticipate welcoming student interns, trainees, apprentices, and summer students in these areas, with the hope that exposure to Omega 365’s projects will ignite their passion to pursue careers in these fields.

Let's continue identifying areas for improvement, posing challenging questions, and fostering an environment where everyone, irrespective of gender, can thrive. 

Happy International Women's Day!